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Voice, swallowing, and breathing disorders can be frustrating problems to bear—especially in your job, social life, and personal life. Our team of dedicated voice rehabilitation professionals are experts in the evaluation and treatment of voice and throat disorders. They will help you bring your best voice into all aspects of your life.


The voice box (larynx) enables us to create sounds using air pressure from the lungs. When something goes wrong in the larynx or the nerves that control it, the voice can be adversely affected. Some of the warning signs of a serious voice disorder include:

  • Hoarseness (dysphonia) or voice loss
  • Breathing difficulties (stridor)
  • Easy voice fatigue 

Most voice problems stem from injury, nerve damage, cancer, or other growths in the body. With a team of specially trained physicians and speech-language pathologists, we are equipped to diagnose and treat the many causes of voice disorders.

If you or a loved one has experienced voice difficulties or sudden changes in voice, it is important to see a specialist to evaluate the problem. Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis, you may be seen by specialists in each of those areas throughout your visit.

Led by Glenn W. Bunting, MS, CCC-SLP, the Voice and Speech Laboratory is here to help bring your voice back to proper function.


Webinar: Caring for Your Voice During COVID-19

Matthew Naunheim, MD, MBA, and Elizabeth Banaszak, MA, CCC-SLP, discuss:

  • When you should be concerned about your throat symptoms
  • How you can improve your hoarseness from home
  • How you can prevent vocal damage from frequent video and phone conferencing

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Meet Our Team

Our team includes specially trained speech-language pathologists who provide treatment to patients suffering from voice disorders.

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