Voice, Swallowing, and Breathing

Voice, swallowing, and breathing disorders can be frustrating problems to bear—especially in your job, social life, and personal life. We understand this, so we want to help you overcome these issues and bring your best voice into all aspects of your life.

Experts in treating the voice box and upper airway, we are one of the few laryngology centers in the world. Laryngology focuses on the larynx (voice box), which is responsible for three central functions: voice, swallowing, and breathing. When troubles occur here, our team offers the most advanced therapies that not only treat the problem, but also preserve your voice.

All of our patients are first seen by our laryngologists for a medical evaluation on the 9th Floor of our main campus. Then, depending on your diagnosis and the recommended treatment plan, you may be seen by one of our speech-language pathologists, who are located in the Voice and Speech Laboratory on the 11th Floor of our main campus.

With fellowship-trained laryngologists, certified voice therapists, and specialized testing and rehabilitation services all under one roof, we have everything you need to keep your voice and airway working for you.

Request an appointment online, call us at 617-573-3557 to make an appointment with a laryngologist, or call 617-573-4050 for the Voice and Speech Laboratory.


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