Core Facilities

Core Facilities

The goal of the core facilities is to enhance the productivity of individual research programs, create opportunities for new research endeavors, and promote collaborative efforts in identifying the molecular, cellular and genetic bases of biological and disease processes.

Cores located at Mass. Eye and Ear:

Biobank  Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD  
Kevin Linkroum  
Bioinformatics and Statistics     
Lucia Sobrin, MD  
Ayellet Segre PhD  
Daniel Navarrow  
Functional Genomics (Zebrafish Facility)  Kinga Bujakowska, PhD  
Anna Larson  
Eric A. Pierce, M.D., PhD  
Caitlin Finn  

Cores located at Schepens Eye Research Institute:

Animal Visual Assessment Core  Oscar Morales  
Confocal Microscopy  Donald Pottle  
Flow Cytometry  Randy Huang  
Gene Transfer Vector Core  Luk H. Vandenberghe, PhD  
Morphology  Philip Seifert, MS  
Bianai Fan  
Scanning Electron Microscopy  Ann Tisdale 
Philip Seifert, MS 
Transmission Electron Microscopy          
Philip Seifert, MS 

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