Ophthalmology Medical Student Education

Medical Student Education

Medical student education, administered by Dr. Ankoor Shah, is a priority of the Ophthalmology Department of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

Ankoor ShahDuring the third-year course in Core Medicine, students receive introductory training on vision and disorders of the eye, taught by Harvard Medical School (HMS) faculty. Additionally, students have an opportunity to both observe and evaluate patients with eye emergencies in the Mass. Eye and Ear Emergency department.

Those students wishing to take electives in basic Ophthalmology at Mass. Eye and Ear usually do so in their fourth year. During these electives, each student is assigned two faculty mentors, and they work closely for one month. Students also attend various departmental conferences, including Grand Rounds and resident lectures.

Electives in clinical or basic research under the direct guidance of a faculty member-investigator is also an option. The duration for these electives is at least one month, though students are encouraged to pursue longer durations.

Electives are open to qualified medical students from all medical schools world-wide. International medical students can apply through the Harvard Medical School Exchange Clerkship Program for Visiting Medical Students.