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Cosmetic and Functional Rhinoplasty Center

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The nose is seen as the “most defining characteristic of the face,” yet sometimes people are dissatisfied with its appearance. Whether due to a birth defect, age, trauma, or just unhappiness with the nose you were born with, you may want your nose reshaped to better complement your other features. We offer a range of advanced procedures to help you achieve the nasal appearance and functionality you desire.


Commonly referred to as a “nose job” or nasal reshaping, the goals of rhinoplasty may be entirely cosmetic, entirely functional, or include both cosmetic and functional goals.

    • A cosmetic rhinoplasty seeks to improve the appearance of the nose, so that it better harmonizes with other facial features.
    • A functional rhinoplasty, or nasal valve correction, aims to optimize airflow through the nose and sinuses to alleviate nasal obstruction.

Rhinoplasty surgeries that have both cosmetic and functional goals may be done together as a dual functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty. Our surgeons work closely with colleagues in the Sinus Center in these surgeries to address any sinus disease. This partnership allows patients to have only one surgery, which limits the recovery period, time under anesthesia, and time away from work. 

For all patients considering nasal surgery, it is critical to balance the surgeon’s knowledge of nasal function with your cosmetic goals.

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Our team is comprised of board-certified plastic surgeons who are all faculty members of Harvard Medical School.

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