A man soundly sleeping

Sleep Testing

Sleep disorders can't always be identified during office visits. In some cases, your doctor will order a sleep test to gather more information about your sleep behavior before making a diagnosis. Sleep tests are non-invasive procedures that monitor you while you sleep—recording your brain activity, body and eye movements, oxygen levels, heart rhythms, and breathing. Sleep testing can take place in a hospital, a free-standing sleep laboratory, or at your home. 

  • For an in-lab sleep test, which is what our doctors recommended, you will arrive in the early evening and spend the night. The data collected is analyzed by our sleep technicians and physicians in order to establish if there is a sleep condition.    
  • It is also possible to have testing performed at home by wearing a device with multiple monitors while you sleep. Similarly, the data collected is analyzed and assessed to determine what the underlying problem is.

To have a sleep test, you must see one of our sleep specialists for a consultation first. After you have been examined, your physician will determine whether or not you need a sleep test. If you do, you will be recommended to visit our Sleep Center in Quincy or you will be referred to one of our affiliated centers.

To schedule an in-office sleep consultation, call 617-573-3954 today. You may also request an appointment online.