Medical Evaluation Center

Formerly known as the Medical Unit, Massachusetts Eye and Ear’s Medical Evaluation Center (MEC) ensures that patients are at their healthiest prior to surgery, and that their medical needs continue to be met for the duration of their hospitalization.

Our staff ensures that patients are in the best possible condition for surgery. Prior to a procedure, every patient is asked to complete a medical history form using One Medical Passport. A registered nurse reviews each passport prior to surgery, and any concerns are addressed with the patient’s surgeon, primary care doctor, a member of the Department of Anesthesia, and occasionally the patient.

Patients are also routinely seen in the MEC for preoperative assessment. During their visit, they are met by a member of the anesthesia team, a preoperative nurse, and, sometimes, a physician specializing in internal medicine. Any studies necessary for surgery will be obtained at this time. Finally, an anesthetic plan will be reviewed with the patient, and pre- and post-operative counseling will be provided so that patients will have an idea of what to expect on their surgery day.

The MEC is also the home base of the team of physicians and nurse practitioners who provide inpatient care. This team collaborates with the surgeons to address all medical issues that arise following surgery. Additionally, they are on-call for emergency medical coverage 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Teaching and Research

The Medical Evaluation Center makes numerous contributions to the teaching activities of the Mass. Eye and Ear and of Harvard Medical School. The emphasis of the Center's teaching program is on the medical care of the surgical patient. Members of the MEC participate in formal teaching conferences with medical and nursing staff of the Infirmary.