Auditory Rehabilitation Services

The Auditory Rehabilitation Center at Mass. Eye and Ear serves individuals with hearing loss from infancy through adulthood. We have access to state-of-the-art technologies for the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of hearing loss.

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The rehabilitative team, consisting of professionals from the specialties of audiology, speech-language pathology, and otolaryngology, assists patients and their families in adjusting to hearing loss, in maximizing the benefit from hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive devices, and in helping them optimize communication skills.

Hearing loss can be identified at any age. In Massachusetts, legislation mandates hearing screening for all newborns. In some states, only newborns considered at 'high risk' for hearing loss automatically receive hearing screenings. This screening is vitally important in the early identification of hearing losses that can interfere with speech and language development.

For parents of newly diagnosed children of any age, our program provides support and education to help them understand their child's hearing loss and to make informed decisions. We provide an auditory-oral approach to communication that focuses on listening, speech and language for children of all ages.

Adult hearing aid and cochlear implant users come to the center to refresh their skills or to help them adjust to a newly acquired device. For all our patients, we work closely with family physicians, educators and others to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care.


The Auditory Rehabilitation Center at Mass. Eye and Ear is supported by the Helen Patten Auditory Rehabilitation fund, which was established by Dr. and Mrs. Seamans.

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This work continues to be supported by the philanthropy of those who desire to help children and adults with hearing loss. Find out how you can help support our mission of improving hearing health care. Learn more about ways to give.