Woman with cochlear implant

Hearing Services

Whether you are looking for a hearing test for you or a loved one, need help adjusting to your new hearing aids, or would like to learn more about caring for children with hearing loss, we can help. Our mission is to help you hear and communicate better. It is a total-patient approach, focused on improving your life. 

In addition to our diagnostic services such as hearing tests and evaluations, we provide counseling, fittings, educational resources, tailored speech therapy, and auditory rehabilitation. We also sell hearing devices, and as a non-profit, all proceeds fund our mission.

Make an appointment today by calling us at 617-573-3266 or requesting one online. Questions? Email us at audiology_servicerequest@meei.harvard.edu.


We perform a full range of tests to diagnose and characterize hearing loss, some of which were developed right here. We work closely with our ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors, educators, researchers, and outside agencies to ensure complete evaluation and management of your hearing health needs. 

We do the following diagnostic services:

  • Newborn hearing screenings for babies
  • Follow-ups with auditory evoked response threshold testing for babies who need it (up to six months of age)
  • Hearing tests for people of all ages, which evaluate various parts of the outer, middle, and inner ear as well as how well people hear in quiet and in noise
  • Evoked potentials from the auditory, vestibular, and facial muscular system for other diagnostic testing, such as auditory evoked response (AER, also known as BAER or ABR) and vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMP)
  • Evaluations on how well various nerves are working as surgeons work around them in the operating room
  • Comprehensive speech-language evaluations for children
  • Auditory rehabilitation evaluations for adults, which include assessing the impact of hearing loss on daily life

Auditory Rehabilitation

Our Auditory Rehabilitation Center is available to help you and your loved ones understand your hearing and how hearing changes impact your relationships. 

Our team of audiologists and speech-language pathologists can help you get the most out of your hearing and hearing devices. We work with patients of all ages at different hearing levels, and aim to help you and/or your loved ones become or stay engaged with the people around you.

For Children and Parents

For parents of children of any age and at any stage of their hearing journey, our program provides support and education to help you understand your child's hearing loss and make informed decisions. We can connect you to relevant resources elsewhere. We will teach you how to work with your child’s hearing devices and partner with you as we provide speech-language therapy. We will also partner with outside therapists and educators to ensure the best possible educational environment for your goals.

For Adults

For adults with hearing loss, we will help you develop new hearing skills, refresh old skills, or help you adjust to a new kind of device.

The Auditory Rehabilitation Center is supported by the Helen Patten Auditory Rehabilitation Fund, which was established by Dr. and Mrs. Seamans.