Research Areas

Our investigators work alongside clinical fellows, research fellows, otolaryngology residents, doctoral students, and research staff to probe basic biology and to develop leading-edge treatments for disorders of the ear, nose, brain, head and neck. Learn more about our different areas of research:

3D printed ear

Studying the biomechanics of the ear using a variety of techniques to improve human auditory diagnostics and therapeutics.


Discovering how auditory processing centers of the brain create the perception of sound and speech.

Facial plastics course image

Exploring facial nerve disorders, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, dermatologic conditions, and laser/tissue interaction.

Head and neck cancer cells

Advancing treatment for cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, salivary glands, and thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Hair cells

Studying the inner ear's normal function and the mechanisms underlying SNHL; developing therapies to slow or reverse the progression of inner ear hearing impairments.

Temporal bone slides

Focusing on the connection between cochlear dysfunction, restorative therapies, and hearing abilities in human subjects.

 Nasal cells

Investigating chronic rhinosinusitis, nasal polyp disease, sinus surgery, functional rhinoplasty, and the olfactory system.

Vestibular system

Dedicated to overcoming the limitations of clinical vestibular testing and improving diagnoses.                                             

 Motor control

Working toward new techniques in voice restoration to improve quality of life for patients with voice disorders.