Jenks Vestibular Diagnostic Laboratory

Founded in 1986, the Jenks Vestibular Diagnostic Laboratory provides state-of-the-art testing for patients and referring physicians to assess balance and dizziness disorders.

The four main tests offered by this lab include electronystagmogram (ENG), Sinusoidal Vertical-Axis Rotation (SVAR), visual-vestibular interaction (VVI ), and posturography (EquiTest). Perilymph fistula and limited ocular motility testing is also available.

In addition to its clinical testing role, the laboratory’s research objectives include application of multivariate statistics to increase the sensitivity and specificity of clinical tests, and transitional research in vestibular prostheses. With collaborators in Geneva, investigators in the Jenks Vestibular Diagnostic Laboratory have shown that acute simulation of the human posterior ampullary nerve produces robust eye movements, thus supporting the development of vestibular implants. Investigators have worked with many collaborators to show that a non-invasive balance aid that provides subjects with feedback about the tilt of their body from the vertical can help them stand and walk more securely.