Mike Toth

When Mike Toth was diagnosed with tonsil and throat cancer, he and his family turned to Daniel Deschler, M.D., FACS at Mass. Eye and Ear to save his life. Under Dr. Deschler’s expert care Mike went on to live for nearly a decade following his prognosis, long enough to walk two of his four children down the aisle and long enough to witness the birth of four grandchildren. He considered himself “the luckiest guy in the world”.

Mike Toth's SilhouetteMike Toth passed away on December 11, 2014 with the joyful knowledge that his fifth grandchild would be born the very next day. It has been a difficult, but beautiful journey and the memory of Mike’s unyielding spirit continues to serve as an inspiration.

The Toth Family is enormously grateful to Dr. Deschler and would like to invite friends and family to support Dr. Deschler and his team in conducting world-leading research designed to improve outcomes for patients with head and neck cancer. Dr. Deschler’s research helped to save Mike’s life countless times over and your support will enable others with head and neck cancer to experience all life has to offer.

Dr. Deschler is a Professor in Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs at Mass. Eye and Ear, Department of Otolaryngology, Harvard Medical School and Director of the Norman Knight Hyperbaric Medicine Center.

Patients come from across the country to seek Dr. Deschler’s expertise. He is highly regarded by his patients for his multi-disciplinary and human approach to the care he provides.

In addition to his commitment to providing the highest level of care possible, Dr. Deschler is dedicated to improving upon that care through innovative research to preserve and restore patients’ ability to speak, eat and their appearance. His projects are focused in the following areas:

  • Promoting and evaluating successful voice restoration after laryngeal cancer surgery.
  • Introduction and evaluation of innovative reconstruction for the treatment of advanced head and neck cancer.
  • Defining risk factor for infection after head and neck surgery and finding ways to decrease these complications.
  • Identifying disparities in head and neck cancer and its treatment in Native Americans.

To join the Toth Family in supporting Dr. Deschler and his life-saving research, make a gift in Mike Toth’s honor below. For additional information, please contact Julie Dutcher at 617-573-3350.