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Cornea and External Diseases

Refractive Surgery


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Dr. Yin is a full-time member of the Mass. Eye and Ear Cornea and Refractive Surgery Service, and specializes in corneal and external diseases, cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, and refractive surgery.

Dr. Yin earned her MD from Capital Medical University in Beijing, China, followed by her PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology with a concentration in Vision Science from Wayne State University. She completed her Ophthalmology Residency at Kresge Eye Institute at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and her Clinical Fellowship in Cornea, External Diseases, and Refractive Surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear.

She is the recipient of the NIH K12 clinician scientist career development award, and her research focuses on understanding the interaction between corneal nerves and abnormal blood vessels in inflammatory conditions. Learn more about Dr. Yin.

Clinical Interests

Dry eye disease, ocular surface diseases, corneal infection, corneal dystrophy, keratoconus, ocular trauma and burn, corneal transplantation, laser vision correction, refractive surgery

Research Interests

Cornea, corneal nerves and abnormal blood vessels in inflammatory conditions, molecular regulation of corneal epithelial wound healing and infection


For a full list of publications, please see her CV.

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  • Capital Medical University, Beijing, China, M.D.
  • Anatomy and Cell Biology with a concentration in Vision Science, Wayne State University, Ph.D.


  • Ophthalmology, Kresge Eye Institute, Wayne State University School of Medicine


  • Cornea, Refractive Surgery, and External Disease, Mass. Eye and Ear