Fellowship in Laryngology

Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School


Phillip C. Song, MD, Chief, Laryngology Division
Ramon A. Franco, Jr., MD


One Year

Educational Objectives:

The curriculum will include a wide range of experiences including cold instrument and laser-assisted phonomicrosurgery, endoscopic management of early laryngeal cancer as well as open cancer treatment, laryngeal framework surgery, laryngeal electromyography, intra-laryngeal botulinum toxin injections for spasmodic dysphonia and laryngeal granuloma, and airway reconstruction surgery. The fellow will participate in the management of voice disorders as a member of a multidisciplinary team that includes exposure to state-of-the-art voice laboratory facilities and collaboration with the Pediatric Division to participate in pediatric airway procedures. There are opportunities to interact with Harvard and MIT faculty through the HST program. The curriculum is designed so that upon completion, the fellow will have sufficient background to establish an independent voice-disorders program at the home institution. There are numerous clinical and basic science research opportunities available, as well as the option to work collaboratively with voice professionals at local music conservatories and theatres. Certification by the American Board of Otolaryngology or eligibility is a prerequisite.


Clinic experience – four clinic sessions
OR – four sessions
Research – ½ to one day
The fellow will have ½ to one day dedicated for research and will participate in ongoing clinical and basic science initiatives.

Progress Assessment:

Monthly meeting of the fellow and the preceptor to discuss educational accomplishments and future goals. Research initiatives will be discussed bi-monthly during the first 2 months and then on a monthly basis. The preceptor will discuss progress of the fellow with other staff involved with the fellow’s education and development at three-month intervals or as necessary.

Salary and Benefits:

The clinical fellowship will be a full-time occupation. The preceptors will support the salary and other associated costs.

Application Process:

Deadline: January 15

Please send CV and three letters of recommendation to: 

Phillip C. Song, MD
Chief, Laryngology Division
Massachusetts Eye and Ear 
243 Charles St.
Boston, MA 02114

Previous Fellows:

Ilan Hochman, 1997–1998
Rosemary Desloge, 1998–1999
John Jarboe, 1999–2000
Ramon Franco, 2000–2001
Seth Dailey, 2001–2002
James Burns, 2002–2003
Jean Bruch, 2005–2006
Jennifer Andrus, 2006–2007
Jarred Wasserman, 2007–2008
Chi Kwang Sung, 2008–2009
Jayme Dowdall, 2009–2010
Joshua Silverman, 2010–2011
Jihad Acher, 2010–2012
Lindsay Reder, 2012–2013
Paul Paddle, 2013–2014
Inna Hussain, 2014–2015
Ozlem Celebi, 2015–2016


For more information, please contact Barbara J. Beckman-Beard, Administrator for ENT Education at:
Email: Barbara_BeckmanBeard@meei.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-573-3654 Fax: 617-573-3939