Harvard-Vision Clinical Scientist Development Program (K12)

K12 Program

Harvard Ophthalmology is one of the leading and largest academic departments of ophthalmology in the nation and a major recipient of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. With nearly 190 full-time clinical and basic science faculty, the department continues to make significant contributions to ophthalmic and vision research in virtually all basic, applied, and clinical subspecialty areas. 

The Harvard-Vision Clinical Scientist Development Program (K12) offers a customized and structured learning, research, and development experience. Clinically trained individuals who have recently completed (or are about to complete) their training and who desire to become independent leading clinical scientists in their respective fields are invited to apply.

Trainees in the Harvard-Vision Clinical Scientist Development Program (K12) program will:
  1. Complete a core curriculum, which includes the Harvard Program in Clinical Effectiveness (PCE) – a summer-long immersion program in biostatistics, epidemiology, study design, and outcomes measurement – and the Harvard Medical School HBTM 305qc “Molecular Bases of Eye Disease” survey course, which focuses on the biological mechanisms (genetics, immunology, neuroscience, vascular biology) of eye disease
  2. Perform research in an actively mentored program under the guidance of Harvard Ophthalmology faculty who are leaders in their respective fields, with the express objective of developing into independent investigators;
  3. Have the option of seeking an advanced degree (MS, MPH, PhD, ScD) at Harvard University.