Glaucoma Fellowship

Program Director: Lucy Shen, MD
Other Faculty: Teresa Chen, MD; David S. Friedman, MD, PhD, MPH (Service Director); Cynthia Grosskreutz, MD, PhD; Milica Margeta, MD, PhD; Courtney Ondeck, MD, MPhil; David A. Solá-Del Valle, MD; Allison Soneru, MD; Tavé van Zyl, MD; Janey L. Wiggs, MD, PhD; Nazlee Zebardast, MD, MSc
Program length: One year
How to Apply: The Fellowship participates in the San Francisco Match Program: #4171.

Learn From the Best

The Glaucoma Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to work with a large faculty who have extensive clinical experience and academic expertise. The Glaucoma Service, led by David S. Friedman, MD, MPH, PhD, includes some of the most well-known glaucoma specialists in the world. Our faculty have trained at premier institutions, including Mass. Eye and Ear, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Duke Eye Center, Wills Eye Hospital, and Wilmer Eye Institute, to name a few. Dr. Lucy Shen leads the fellowship and is committed to ensuring that fellows have the best training experience available to become future leaders in the field. 

Unparalleled Clinical Training

Fellows learn how to manage the most difficult glaucoma cases, have opportunities to engage in research, and will have the support of our faculty in their career development. They are directly involved in clinical decision making and the surgical care of patients.

Fellows will:

  • Work with attendings in outpatient glaucoma clinics
  • Operate frequently, performing the entire range of glaucoma surgeries
  • Perform glaucoma lasers
  • Teach residents and other students who rotate through the service
  • Work with residents in the Mass. Eye and Ear Emergency Department
  • Provide consultation for inpatients at Mass General Hospital
  • Participate in educational meetings, including journal clubs, weekly faculty discussions, and national conferences

Alumni of the program have become glaucoma service directors, department chairs, and medical school deans. Our trainees are also well-represented among the members of the American Glaucoma Society, the Glaucoma Research Society, and the American Ophthalmological Society.


All applicants must be eligible for a full (unlimited) medical license per the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. The requirements of full licensure can be viewed on the website.

Clinical Responsibilities

The medical management of and surgical treatment of glaucoma—including pre- and postoperative care—are essential to training. Most of the fellow's time is committed to direct patient care on the Glaucoma Service at three locations:

  1. Mass. Eye and Ear, Boston (243 Charles Street)
  2. Mass. Eye and Ear, Longwood (800 Huntington Ave.)
  3. Jamaica Plain VA Hospital

In clinic, fellows are encouraged to make decisions regarding patient care, including formulating differential diagnoses and management plans. The attending physician works closely with the fellows in clinical decision making.

In the operating room, fellows are expected to perform both scheduled and emergency surgeries under the guidance of the attending physician. This includes everything from trabeculectomy, tube-shunt surgery, MIGS, cataract surgery, pediatric glaucoma surgery, and tube revision, to bleb revision and more complex glaucoma surgeries combined with retina or corneal surgery.

Glaucoma fellows take call for the Glaucoma Service about every third week. The on-call fellow is responsible for all glaucoma emergencies and admissions on the Glaucoma Service during weeknights and weekends. An assigned attending will be on call at all times and available for immediate backup of complicated cases, admission, or surgical procedures.

Fellows are also expected to serve in the Emergency Department one half day per week for six months.

A detailed schedule of clinical responsibilities will be provided in July.


All facilities are fully equipped to ensure we provide optimal glaucoma care. Fellows have access to numerous devices that measure intraocular pressure (such as dynamic contour tonometry), several visual field machines, including Goldmann visual field, a nonmydriatic fundus camera, and OCT machines for optic nerve imaging. Additional imaging devices, such as swept source OCT with OCT angiography, are available at Mass Eye and Ear's main campus.

Research Opportunities

Fellows are encouraged to pursue research projects, although it is not a requirement of the program. Faculty can provide resources, assistance, and mentoring. 

Fellows who would like to pursue academic careers should be aware that Mass. Eye and Ear holds a career development grant allowing the institution to extend a K12 award to a fellowship-trained ophthalmologist. K12 awards provide a graduating fellow junior faculty status with 80% protected time for research. While this is a competitive award, Mass. Eye and Ear fellows who demonstrate strong research potential will be given careful consideration. 

Educational Opportunities


Glaucoma lectures and wetlab teaching sessions are held on selective Friday mornings (dates and times will be posted). These lectures are didactic in nature and cover a wide range of glaucoma topics, while the wetlab sessions provide hands-on experience with incisional glaucoma surgeries and MIGS.

Journal Club

Glaucoma journal club occurs quarterly. All faculty and fellows are expected to attend. Fellows and residents will present several papers on a topic of clinical importance, with guidance from the glaucoma faculty.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is held on Thursday mornings at 8:00 am. Once per year, the fellow will be responsible for presenting a case.

Fellows Course

Each fellow is expected to write a review paper with faculty mentorship that is submitted for publication. The theme of the Fellows Course dictates the topic for the paper.

Professional Societies

Our fellows are encouraged to apply for membership to the American Glaucoma Society.

Salary and Benefits




Malpractice premiums are fully paid by Mass. Eye and Ear.

Health Insurance

Mass. Eye and Ear offers competitive benefits, including health insurance for the fellows and their families. 

Vacation/Sick Leave

Each fellow is allotted vacation time.

Professional Meetings

Attendance and participation at appropriate meetings is encouraged. Vacation time and travel reimbursement is available.

How to Apply

The Glaucoma Fellowship participates in the San Francisco Match Program: Program #4171. 

Applications are due in mid-September and must include:

  • AUPO centralized application form
  • Three letters of reference

Only completed applications will be considered for an interview at Mass. Eye and Ear in late October or early November. 

Once matched, fellows must also complete a Mass. Eye and Ear staff application. 

Questions can be directed to Dr. Lucy Shen via email at or the fellowship coordinator, Joanna Berdet at

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