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Lip or Tongue Tie

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In cases of lip or tongue tie, an infant is born with a piece of tissue that connects too tightly to the gum (in the case of the lip) or the floor of the mouth (in the case of the tongue). In some cases, this may cause restriction in movement that can result in difficulty with breastfeeding or eventually, with dental health and/or speech.

3Common Symptoms

  • Poor ability to latch
  • Poor weight gain
  • Maternal nipple pain/damage

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is based on a physical exam, where examination of the lips, gums, and tongue is performed to determine if extra tissue is present. The location and method for dividing the tissue will vary based on the patient’s age and the thickness of the tissue. Some cases can be managed in the office setting, while others are performed in the operating room.

About Our Team

We bring together physicians, speech-language pathologists, and other healthcare professionals to provide treatment to patients suffering from breathing troubles.

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