Meet a Specialist: Dr. Brittney Mazza, O.D.


Dr. Brittney Mazza’s interest in optometry began in high school. During her senior year, she completed a six-month internship at a local ophthalmology practice, where she had the opportunity to observe different eye care specialists. “I loved seeing how happy patients were after they received new glasses or contact lenses, and I quickly became excited about the possibility of providing similar care one day,” she said.

Optometrist with Expertise in Specialty Contact Lenses

Today, Dr. Mazza is an optometrist at Mass. Eye and Ear, where she provides comprehensive eye exams, eyeglass prescriptions, and fittings for both traditional and specialty contact lenses.

“The materials and designs of contact lenses are constantly changing and improving, allowing me to help a wide range of patients,” Dr. Mazza explained. “I have expertise in several different types of specialty lenses, which are designed for patients with certain eye conditions or injuries that make it difficult to wear traditional lenses,” Dr. Mazza explained.

In her practice, Dr. Mazza most commonly prescribes specialty lenses for patients with irregularly shaped corneas—typically a result of scarring, injury, corneal transplant surgery, or degenerative disorders (like keratoconus). Additionally, patients with very strong prescriptions or high astigmatism may find that specialty lenses are more comfortable than traditional lenses. Occasionally, specialty contact lenses can be used like bandages to protect the eye after surgery or designed to change the eye’s appearance for cosmetic reasons.

Helping Patients See Their Best

Dr. Mazza is committed to helping patients achieve the best vision possible. She remembers one particularly challenging case. A patient came to her with significant corneal scarring and limited vision in one eye. “Before coming to me, the patient spent a year visiting multiple optometrists with little success. Eyeglasses were ineffective because she had such severe astigmatism,” Dr. Mazza recalled.

After carefully researching lens options, Dr. Mazza ordered a highly specialized contact lens. The results were excellent. “At the patient’s one-month follow up visit, she was reading 20/20 with ease,” Dr. Mazza said. “The patient was thrilled with the results. Her depth perception was improving, and she was able to return to her normal daily activities. I was thrilled for her and grateful to have the opportunity to participate in her care,” Dr. Mazza said.

A Mentor to Residents

In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Mazza also teaches Harvard ophthalmology and optometry residents. “It is very rewarding because of the high caliber of residents who train here and the complicated lens fittings we often encounter,” she said. “The residents’ enthusiasm to learn and ask questions encourages me to embrace the importance of lifelong learning and stay up to date with new advancements in vision care.”

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