Fundraising Events


Before you start planning a fundraising event, please consider the time you and your friends may need to invest against the amount of revenue it will generate. Training is time consuming. In some cases your friends may prefer to cut you a check for $100 rather than volunteering 20 hours to raise $1,000. Each situation is unique and we recommend that you carefully analyze everything first. Some people have a network of friends who are well experienced and love doing these things.


- Community connection
- Fun and interactive
- Raise awareness
- Potential funding source


- Time consuming
- Need friends to help
- May need seed money
- Evaluate fundraising potential

Percentage of Sales

Be wary of percentage of sales promotions with businesses. Many times, it doesn't add up (alcohol is not included), everyone needs to have a flyer, and past team members have had poor experiences with these types of promotions.


Tips for Planning an Event

If you do decide to move forward with a fundraising event, here are a few tips. There are all kinds of interesting themes you can choose (Wine tasting party, poker tournament, neighborhood yard sale – with all proceeds benefitting your run, Sunday brunch, trivia night, or a home party with in-home sales company)

First Things First

Choose a date, location, time, and theme - please send us a quick note with this information.


Do you know someone that owns an area restaurant or venue? Would they be willing to donate the space for your event (and possible some appetizers as well)? Many restaurants are willing to do this.


There are all kinds of interesting themes that you can choose. Some ideas that have been successful for Team Eye and Ear members in the past include:

  • wine tasting party
  • poker tournament
  • neighborhood yard sale (with all the proceeds benefitting your fundraising)
  • Sunday brunch
  • trivia night
  • home party with an in-home sales company (ex. Cash4Gold or Lia Sophia)

Raffles & Auctions

  • Setting up a live (or silent) auction at your party is a fun way to build excitement and boost your fundraising.
  • Approach local business for auction donations - many are willing to donate. Please let us know if they require a 501(c)3 form and/or letter from Mass. Eye and Ear. We are happy to provide these to you.
  • Do you know anyone with vacation homes in a fun location? Approach them to see if they would be willing to allow you to auction or raffle off a weekend stay at their vacation home.
  • A raffle is a great way boost your fundraising as well. Also, 50/50 raffles usually work well.

Fun (and profitable) Ideas & Details

  • Request a 'cover charge' at the door as a donation for attending the event. We suggest this amount be $25 or more.
  • Ask your local wine shop if they would be willng to donate a couple cases of wine for your party.
  • Have a loud, enthusiastic friend act as the emcee for the evening
  • Set up a laptop (or two) at your party with your Crowdrise page uploaded. This gives the attendees another opportunity to donate.