Baby boy sleeping 

Ear Remodeling

Do your baby’s ears stick out? Do they have funny folds? You may want to consider early correction using a gentle remodeling technique done right after birth.  

Most ear deformities present at birth involve an abnormal shape of the ear with minor or no deficiency of the skin and cartilage, and can be non-surgically treated with ear molds. 

Ear molding uses commercially available ear mold devices and dental impression materials to reshape the ear. This material helps the ear cartilage achieve a more natural shape through a process that is gentle, painless, and often well tolerated by infants. When applied effectively, most ear molds will successfully produce a normal ear shape and help avoid the need for surgery at a later age. 

If the malformations are severe or caused by missing elements in the ear, however, they must be surgically treated.

How does it work? 

A device known as a splint is fit to an infant and worn continuously for two weeks. After two weeks, if the deformity has not been corrected, a new splint will be applied and worn for an additional two weeks. This process is repeated until acceptable improvement or correction is seen. 

We have found that ear modeling works best in the first few weeks of life when the infant ears are still soft and pliable. In general, the younger your child is when treatment is started, the shorter the duration of the therapy and the higher chance for success. It is important to seek a consultation as soon as you have any concerns regarding your baby’s ear shape.

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