Second Opinions for Patients with Hearing or Balance Disorders - International

A second opinion can help to confirm your diagnosis, review your treatment plan, and provide any additional treatment options for you.

For those patients who are interested in seeking a second opinion regarding their complex hearing or inner ear-related balance condition, we offer several options:



We provide consultation services for patients with complex hearing or balance disorders who live outside the United States.

A full evaluation of your medical records, including a comprehensive review of your hearing and balance testing, MRI and temporal bone CT scans, will be performed. We can also have your scans and slides reviewed by our radiologists and pathologists.

We will need:

  1. your most recent medical records (translated into English)
  2. all hearing and balance testing reports
  3. any recent brain MRI scans and/or temporal bone CT scans (the actual scans or CD AND the radiology reports and
  4. any relevant surgical pathology reports.

Please contact our International Office to make an appointment. If you cannot travel to Boston, we can arrange for a remote second opinion.

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