Operation Airway Fund

The Operation Airway Fund at Massachusetts Eye and Ear (the Fund) supports necessary expenses associated with airway research and medical missions, as well as compassionate care for patients from within or outside of the United States who require airway reconstruction or other highly specialized ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgical services.  

Expenses supported by the Fund may include, without limitation, costs associated with physician, resident, and staff participation in medical missions, equipment required in connection with medical missions, surgical supplies, and other necessary expenses. The focus of the Fund is on medical missions to approved countries, to provide airway reconstruction for trach-dependent pediatric patients, which are being planned collaboratively between Mass. Eye and Ear and Mass General. However, the Fund may also be used for medical missions focusing on other highly specialized ENT surgical services, as well as for airway research and patient care.

Expenditures from the Fund may be made at the direction of Dr. Christopher Hartnick or his successor, with the approval of the Chief of Otolaryngology. In planning medical missions, Dr. Hartnick may seek input from an advisory committee made up of up to five (5) individuals selected by him. In the event that Dr. Hartnick retires or is no longer employed by Massachusetts Eye and Ear Associates, the Chief of Otolaryngology will designate another Mass. Eye and Ear physician to direct the use of the Fund. In the event that the original purpose of the Fund becomes impractical or impossible, the Fund may be used in the discretion of the Chief of Otolaryngology to advance clinical care, research, or teaching activities at Mass. Eye and Ear.

Fund Facts

  • Donated money is spent to fly Operation Airway doctors to regional hospitals around the world, where we conduct surgical procedures to restore and rebuild children’s airways so that they can be free of tracheotomy tubes and can breathe, speak, and swallow on their own at no cost to the local hospital or patients. 
  • Mass. Eye and Ear staff and other doctors participating in Operation Airway work free of charge when they are on their missions and charge the local hospitals and patients nothing.
  • Likewise, the local hospitals charge the Operation Airway surgeons nothing for the use of their surgical facilities in exchange for having the Operation Airway surgeon train the local medical team as long as it is possible given the time constraints of a mission. 

Make a Difference 

You can make a donation by either going to: MassEyeAndEar.org/donations and designate the gift for “Operation Airway Foundation Fund 288” or make a check payable to: Foundation of Mass. Eye and Ear, Inc. (with the gift designation indicated for The Operation Airway Foundation Fund 288) and send to:

Development Office Massachusetts Eye and Ear
243 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114