Pediatric Care


There’s no such thing as "routine," when it comes to your child’s care. Our pediatric specialists and surgeons offer world-class, compassionate, quality care.

Visit a Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

The pediatric ENT (otolaryngology) unit is designed specifically for children. Our physicians specialize in a variety of conditions, ranging from common ear infections, to more complicated disorders of the head and neck. Learn more about our pediatric ENT service and the conditions we treat.

Visit a Pediatric Eye Specialist

The Pediatric Eye (ophthalmology) and Strabismus Service provides comprehensive care for infants and children with vision disorders. We also perform surgery to correct strabismus (crossed eyes) and double vision in children and adults. Learn more about our pediatric eye service and the conditions we treat.

Pediatric Airway, Swallowing and Voice Center

This Center has been developed in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital to treat children who suffer with symptoms that affect their ability to eat, breathe, or speak. We provide seamless care among several medical sub-specialties. Learn more about the Airway, Swallowing and Voice Center.

Pre-Surgery Guide

Learn everything that you and your child should know about having surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear in this comprehensive Pre-Operative Guide.