Voice therapist with patient

Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is physical therapy for your throat. It’s the first-line treatment for many voice and speech disorders and consists of customized exercises designed to help you speak more clearly and with less effort. 

If you are having throat surgery, voice therapy may be an important part of your recovery. At your evaluation, your therapist will explain the way in which recommendations for therapy relate to your condition and your goals for your voice recovery. 

Because identity is so strongly associated with voice, you may be concerned that changing your voice will make you change who you are. 

Not to worry! 

The goal of voice therapy is to help you be yourself, but with a voice that is more efficient, stable, and long-lasting.

Please note: All first-time patients must be seen by our laryngologists first for a medical evaluation on the 9th Floor of our main campus. Then, depending on your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan, you may be seen by one of our speech-language pathologists, who are located in the Voice and Speech Laboratory on the 11th Floor of our main campus.

To schedule an appointment, request one online or call 617-573-3557 today. You can reach the Voice and Speech Laboratory at 617-573-4050.