Dr. Phillip Song with trainee and patient

Endoscopic Laryngeal Cancer Surgery

Endoscopic surgery for early stage glottic cancer results in less damage to healthy tissue, smaller incisions, fewer breathing and swallowing problems, and faster recovery times than traditional open laryngeal surgery, and can provide an alternative treatment option for radiation therapy. 

Endoscopic microsurgery for laryngeal cancer is also referred to as endoscopic hemi or partial laryngectomy and transoral laser resection. During endoscopic surgery, our doctors use operating microscopes, endoscopes, lasers, and microsurgical instruments inserted through the mouth to perform the procedure, removing the carcinoma with minimal damage to adjacent tissue. Micro-margin analysis is performed during surgery to evaluate the edges of the cancer resection. 

Not every patient is a candidate for endoscopic laryngeal cancer surgery. It is most successful in early diagnosis for laryngeal cancer patients, before widespread involvement. More advanced cancers where masses have grown large will often be better treated with traditional open surgery or radiation.

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