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Here at Mass. Eye and Ear, we care for patients with cancer of the larynx and treat patients who've lost their voice to head and neck cancer.

Laryngeal Cancer 

Laryngeal cancer, which is often known as cancer of the larynx, occurs when cancer cells form on the tissues of the larynx (voice box). We work with our patients to remove the cancer and help restore function to the voice. If you have had voice changes lasting more than two weeks or persistent throat pain and discomfort, come in for an evaluation. 

A thorough evaluation and biopsy are needed to determine if laryngeal lesion is cancerous. In the evaluation process, our team looks at all of the factors involved (life, health, family history) and the close up stroboscopic images of the lesion to guide their recommendations. 

Recognized throughout the medical community as leading innovators in the surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer, our team focuses on advanced endoscopic procedures instead of traditional cancer surgery whenever possible. 

Head and Neck Cancer 

We also help patients who have lost their voice function to head and neck cancer restore their voice and quality of life. To these patients, we offer trachea-esophageal puncture management and specialized therapy to retrain them to speak without vocal folds.

To schedule an appointment, request one online or call 617-573-3557 today. You can reach the Voice and Speech Laboratory at 617-573-4050.