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Voice, Swallowing, and Breathing Disorders

There are many factors that can affect our voices, upper airway, and swallowing. To help you further understand any voice- or throat-related symptoms you or a loved one may be experiencing, we have provided details on the different disorders we treat. However, please make an appointment for a proper diagnosis to be made. 

Please note: All first-time patients will be seen by our laryngologists first for a medical evaluation on the 9th Floor of our main campus. Then, depending on your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan, you may be seen by one of our speech-language pathologists, who are located in the Voice and Speech Laboratory on the 11th Floor of our main campus.


Voice Disorders

We care for patients suffering from a variety of disorders of the voice system.


Swallowing Disorders

Many problems and disorders can lead to swallowing difficulties in patients.

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We treat cancer of the larynx and help those with head and neck cancer.


Other Disorders

Many other medical conditions and certain medications can affect the voice.

Request an appointment online or call us today at 617-573-3557. You can reach the Voice and Speech Laboratory at 617-573-4050.