Laryngology Research and Education


The Laryngology Division also provides the organization and infrastructure for ongoing research initiatives that involve other departments and facilities at Mass. Eye and Ear, Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Draper Laboratory and the VA Boston Healthcare System. Major studies include:

  • Refining endoscopic microsurgery techniques for benign and malignant disease of the supraglottis and glottis
  • Novel uses of Botox (botulinum toxin) in swallowing disorders
  • Tissue engineering, focused on growing new tracheal tissue in the laboratory
  • Development of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and other micro-imaging technologies to enable the physician to learn how deep cancer has affected the vocal folds before surgery
  • Genetic investigation of keratosis and leukoplakia or “white patches” in the larynx
  • Phonomicrosurgery
  • Lipoinjection]
  • Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring
  • Vocal Fold Paralysis: Laryngoplastic Phonosurgery;
    • Medialization laryngoplasty: thyroplasty, adduction arytenopexy, cricothyroid subluxation
  • Chronic aspiration
  • Alaryngeal speech

Education and Training

Harvard Medical School and Mass. Eye and Ear comprise one of only a few facilities worldwide offering post-graduate training and education in laryngology – including a laryngology-specific fellowship. The education effort is comprehensive and multifaceted, with initiatives including:

  • Fellowship: Post-residency program for those seeking a dedicated career in Laryngology
  • Residency: Providing a full spectrum of experience in all aspects of Laryngology
  • Training for medical students from Harvard as well as other visiting U.S. and international students
  • National and International Professional Societies: ALA, ABEA, AHNS, AAOHNS, Voice Foundation
  • CME courses for otolaryngologists
  • Voice Science: supporting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Health Sciences Technology (HST) program
  • Speech Language Pathology: Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Professionals, Boston University
  • Vocal Arts: Berklee College of Music, Boston University and the New England and Boston Conservatories