Laryngology Care at Mass. Eye and Ear

Dedicated to treating disorders of the voice box and upper airway in adults, Mass. Eye and Ear's Laryngology Division is one of only a few laryngology centers worldwide – and among the most trusted and accomplished.

Laryngology is a limited and exclusive subspecialty of otolaryngology, the medicine of the ears, nose and throat. When trouble occurs in the throat and voice box, Mass. Eye and Ear’s Laryngology Division offers the most advanced, discriminating and accurate treatment and management – a strategy to treat the problem, limit damage to healthy tissue and preserve the voice.

The mission: Putting the voice first, with special clinical focus on:

  • Voice preservation and therapy, with emphasis on the professional voice
  • Cancer of the larynx
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Airway reconstruction for adults

Mass. Eye and Ear’s Laryngology Division combines a medical staff comprised of physician-experts in the voice and larynx and speech/language pathologists specially trained and experienced in voice work.

Collectively, they are among the world’s most experienced – and most successful – in voice-specific testing and therapy, the areas of specialty physicians call phonomedicine and phonosurgery.

With fellowship-trained laryngologists, certified voice therapists and specialized testing and rehabilitation services under one roof, the level of experience in treating problems of the throat and larynx is unrivaled.

The Laryngology Division works closely with the Voice and Speech Laboratory and the Pediatrics Airway Center as well as with other medical departments at Massachusetts General Hospital, including neurology, general surgery, thoracic surgery, dermatology, pulmonology and obstetrics and gynecology.

Mass. Eye and Ear is at the forefront of voice-related clinical research driving breakthroughs, innovation and new techniques related to the medical management of the larynx.

Its expertise is such that it is one of only a few teaching hospitals worldwide offering specific laryngology training for graduate medical students, including a laryngology fellowship program.

Contact Information:

To reach the Laryngology Division call 617-573-3958.

To reach the Voice Laboratory call 617-573-4050.