Revision Rhinoplasty

Surgeons in the Facial and Cosmetic Surgery Center at Mass. Eye and Ear are also specialists in revision (or “secondary”) rhinoplasty, which is performed to correct an unsatisfactory outcome from a prior rhinoplasty.

Revision rhinoplasty has the same goals as primary rhinoplasty—to reshape the cartilage of the nose to achieve an aesthetically pleasing nose that also allows the patient to breathe well. It is an extremely challenging procedure and should be done by only experienced surgeons. The presence of scar tissue and, sometimes, lack of cartilaginous support will demand the surgeon have a wealth of experience and the knowledge of how to manage the problems that may be encountered due to the previous surgery.

During a consultation for revision rhinoplasty, your surgeon will ask you what bothers you about your nose. Often patients will note that the appearance of their nose has changed over time. These changes may have caused nasal obstruction from nasal valve compromise and/or aesthetics, which are no longer pleasing.

Your surgeon will carefully analyze your nose. Common problems seen in patients who have had previous nasal surgery include nasal obstruction, tip asymmetries, irregularities on the bridge of the nose and a profile that does not complement the face.

Revision rhinoplasty is not as simple as primary rhinoplasty. As a result of a previous surgery, the basic nasal framework may have been changed. The lack of structure left by a previous rhinoplasty and scar formation over time often causes both nasal obstruction and cosmetic concerns. When a revision rhinoplasty is performed, there is often little or no cartilage left. In this situation, cartilage is sometimes taken from behind the ear or the rib to restore nasal form. The ear incision is well hidden, and there is no change in the shape or function of the ear. Your surgeon will discuss which option is best for you.

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