Laser and Reconstructive Surgery Center Research and Education

Laser Research

Lynch Laser and Reconstructive Surgery Center Research and Education

As part of a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, the Center seeks to raise awareness among healthcare professionals and the general public about recent improvements in laser technology and capabilities.

The Center is committed to training the next generation of laser specialists, as well as experienced colleagues, in the latest laser techniques.

Today, surgeons are finding new ways of using lasers to treat parts of the body – such as the nose – that may be inaccessible using conventional surgical instruments. Other laser advancements now allow lesions to be removed without unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues, resulting in minimal scarring and virtually normal skin texture and color.

Current research at the Center focuses on new applications for lasers in dermatology; cutaneous vascular tumors; laser/tissue interaction and the selective damage of tissues; imaging systems for differentiation of normal and abnormal tissues; and evaluation of non-invasive techniques for measuring cutaneous blood flow.