David's Story

David had routine exams every year, but during his exam in January 2008, something was different. Several days prior to the exam, he noticed an occasional fluttering of lights in the upper edge of his right eye. He thought nothing of it, and did not even think he needed to see an eye doctor, but it was time for his annual visit. The doctor he saw for that routine exam noted something on the back of his eye and immediately referred him to a retina specialist, who told David he had a melanoma on his retina.

David came to Mass. Eye and Ear for a second opinion, and was satisfied with what was used for treatment here. He elected surgery, which involved sewing tantalum rings around the tumor, as markers for proton beam treatments. Two weeks later, as his eye healed some from surgery, David underwent five proton beam treatments.

Despite living two hours away, David made all the necessary visits, and his surgery and treatment went well. He no longer sees fluttering lights, and his vision is back to normal. On occasion, he experiences dry eyes, and he finds over the counter eye drops very helpful. Today, David continues to work, drive a car and spend time with his family.