Femtosecond Laser Surgery Now Available

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What is it?

Patients choosing cataract surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear may now elect to have laser-assisted cataract surgery with the femtosecond LensSx® Laser. The LensSx® Laser is an advanced technology, which enables surgeons to more precisely perform cataract surgery aided by a computer-controlled laser. It is also used to perform astigmatic keratotomy to help manage corneal astigmatism in patients. Up to 80% of patients undergoing cataract surgery may be candidates for this technique.

How does it work?

The femtosecond ("FEMTO") laser offers image guidance for predictability and enhanced precision.  The laser allows your surgeon to plan and perform a procedure that's completely customized for each of your eyes.  The advanced, three-dimensional imaging helps your surgeon automate and execute the most challending steps of traditional cataract surgery.


The femtosecond laser offers a level of precision not attainable with traditional surgical methods, and can be used, for example, to perform capsulotomy (the circular incision in the outer layer of the cataract) - one of the more challenging steps of cataract surgery.  The formation of incisions by the laser potentially reduces the risk of infection because the incision may be more likely to self-seal.  Additionally, femtosecond laser surgery requires less energy to break up the cataract and facilitates removal of the cataract.  Mass. Eye and Ear is one of the few sites in New England to offer this advanced technology