Outside Referral

Mass. Eye and Ear provides the following services to customers who purchased their hearing aids outside of Mass. Eye and Ear:

Adjusting the sound/volume

When hearing aids are fit based on hearing test results (an audiogram), an algorithm defines the best settings. The algorithm is based on published research studies, but it assumes that everyone has similar ear canals. At Mass. Eye and Ear, we fine tune the programming of the hearing aids by taking each individual’s ear canals into consideration. This ensures the sound and volume is exactly what’s called for.

Custom ear pieces

If you’re going to wear something close to your body all day, you want it to be comfortable. Ear canals are different (see above), and while domes might fit many, they won't fit all. Additionally, when a hearing aid whistles because sound leaks out of the ear and back into the microphone, a better physical fit is needed to correct it. At Mass. Eye and Ear, we can make an exact impression of your ear canals and have custom ear pieces made.


With hearing aids, it can be hard to figure out how to wear, clean, pair, or even charge them. If instructions or videos are not enough, we can help you.

Hearing tests

Even if your hearing test results are recent, we might want to double check to measure if anything has changed. If a new hearing test is warranted, we can get a referral from your physician for a comprehensive hearing evaluation. This may be covered by your insurance company. 

A Mass. Eye and Ear audiologist can be seen at our Longwood location (800 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA) with ample parking. Make an appointment by calling 617-936-6160 and scheduling an “Outside Referral Hearing Aid Fitting” appointment. The charge for the 1.25-hour consultation is $250. After your initial visit, you can schedule additional half-hour “Service Lab” appointments for $50. Custom ear pieces cost $82 per ear.