Hearing Aid Dispensing Services

Thank you for considering Mass. Eye and Ear for your hearing aid. We pride ourselves on offering the best in hearing aid technology at competitive prices.

Audiologic Information

An audiogram must be obtained before making an appointment with the Hearing Aid Center. If you have not had your hearing tested within the past six months, we can arrange for you to do so on the same day as your hearing aid appointment. Additionally, we will make arrangements for medical clearance if you have not already obtained clearance from your physician. These services are not included in hearing aid prices.

Selection Process

A licensed audiologist will work with you to select your hearing aids, at which time the hearing aids will be ordered. A second visit must be made within a few weeks to fit and orientate you to the hearing aids. For more information, see How to Know if you Need a Hearing Aid.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Mass. Eye and Ear offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all instruments for domestic sales to adults. If the hearing aids cannot be made to work to your satisfaction, you may return them for a refund. Custom earmolds are not refundable.