Research Information Technology

appleResearch IT supports the research activities and labs of Massachusetts Eye and Ear. As a liaison between Research and the Information Services departments, Research IT collaborates with these groups to facilitate all the planning, acquisition, implementation and maintenance of Research computing assets and solutions.

Services Include:

  • A variety of research software applications licensed for use on the Mass. Eye and Ear network
  • General research computing, Windows, Mac and Linux support
  • A secure collaboration/file-transfer service (myFiles)
  • Video conferencing and audio/visual support
  • Research cluster support

Computing News: Are you planning for the retirement of a Windows XP system? Please contact your local Research IT team to discuss your options in migrating to a HIPAA-Compliant Windows 7 environment.

To contact us:
Standard Email Support: Research Support @ Mass. Eye and Ear
After-hours Emergency Contacts: RIT Afterhours Email Address

Important phone numbers:

  • General Help (Mass. Eye and Ear IS Support Desk): 617-573-3128
  • Schepens Eye Research Institute of Mass. Eye and Ear Computer Unit: 617-912-2611
  • Leo Hill: 617-573-6931

Mass. Eye and Ear Research IT delivery address:
Research IT
325 Cambridge Street, 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02114