Laboratory Publications (Select)

Tillotson Cell Biology Unit 

β-catenin is required for hair cell differentiation in the cochlea. Shi, F., Hu, L., Jacques, B., Mulvaney, J.F., Dabdoub, A., Edge, A.S.B.  J Neurosci, 34:6470-6479, 2014.

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Loss of osteoprotegerin expression in the inner ear causes degeneration of the cochlear nerve and sensorineural hearing loss. Kao, S.Y., Kempfle, J.S., Jensen, J.B., Perez-Fernandez, D., Lysaght, A.C., Edge, A.S.B. and Stankovic, K.M. Neurobiol. Dis. 56:25-33, 2013.

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