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Research Management

Research Management is responsible for a broad range of functions in support of the research enterprise at Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Schepens Eye Research Institute (SERI), with the goal of providing the best environment possible for the work of our researchers. These functions include providing financial, regulatory and administrative support of our research efforts in the application and management of sponsored funding.

Research Management also serves a mission-critical compliance function, ensuring that our research is carried out with integrity and in keeping with the highest standards. We adhere to government regulations for pre-clinical research, the protection of human subjects, data security, laboratory safety and financial grants management. We take very seriously our role as stewards of the research resources entrusted to us by our sponsors and donated by our benefactors. We ensure that government, state and institutional rules and regulations are made clear to researchers through policy and procedure development, training and ongoing communication.

We are dedicated to growing the vibrant research enterprise and finding cures and treatments for the sensation-limiting diseases that compromise the quality of life and to supporting our mission to be the preeminent world-wide source of advances and leaders in preserving and restoring vision, hearing, balance and voice, as well as in curing disorders of the head and neck.

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Research Management
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