William F. Sewell, Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School

Professor of Otolaryngology

Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Senior Scientist

Research Summary

Research Area Affiliations

Research Summary

Dr. Sewell studies pharmacology and biochemistry of the inner ear. His current projects include: (1) analysis of neurotransmitters and synaptic transmission in the cochlea; (2) the structure, function, and chemistry of the synaptic ribbon; (3) the development of inner ear drug delivery technology; and (4) the development of drugs to rescue hearing following acoustic trauma.

Select Publications

Auditory sensitivity regulation via rapid changes in expression of surface AMPA receptors. Chen, Z., Kujawa, S. G., Sewell, W. F. Nature Neuroscience. 10:1238-40 (2007).

A corticosteroid-responsive transcription factor, PLZF, mediates protection of the cochlea from acoustic trauma. Peppi M, Kujawa SG, and Sewell WF. J. Neuroscience. 31: 735-4 (2011).

Kinetics of Reciprocating Drug Delivery to the Inner Ear. Leary Pararas EE, Chen Z, Fiering J, Mescher MJ, Kim ES, McKenna MJ, Kujawa SG, Borenstein JT, Sewell WF, J Controlled Release. 152:270-277 (2011).

Protein composition of immunoprecipitated synaptic ribbons. Kantardzhieva A, Peppi M, Sewell, W.F. J. Proteomics Research. 11: 1163-74 (2012).

Quantitative analysis of ribbons, vesicles, and cisterns at the cat inner hair cell synapse: correlations with spontaneous rate. Kantardzhieva A, Liberman MC, Sewell WF. J Comp Neurology 521(14): 3260-71 (2013).

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B.S. Zoology and Physiology, Louisiana State University, 1974
Ph.D. Pharmacology, Tulane University, 1978

Postgraduate Training

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Auditory Physiology, Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981