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Massachusetts Eye and Ear
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Core Facilities and Resources

The goal of the core facilities is to enhance the productivity of individual research programs, create opportunities for new research endeavors, and promote collaborative efforts in identifying the molecular, cellular and genetic bases of biological and disease processes. It is also to provide resources to the research community.

We are excited to announce the following cores will be transitioning to the Partners' Core Management System (PCMS) on January 2, 2020. PCMS is a web-based system, accessible from anywhere, which will allow our customers to easily request and schedule our services.

  • Gene Transfer Vector Core
  • SERI Morphology Core (includes confocal microscopy training, scheduling and poster printing services)

Moving forward, services will only be accessible through PCMS. Current state requisition forms, outlook or paper calendars will not be in use.

To get started, Create a Customer Account. There is an Instructional Manual on the Login page of the system.