Bioinformatics and Statistics Core

The purpose of the Bioinformatics and statistics core is to provide bioinformatic and statistical support for clinical, genomic and laboratory studies. A wide variety of studies are supported by the core. 

Services provided by the Bioinformatics and Statistics core:

  • Epidemiologic, experimental and clinical study design
  • Power calculations
  • Data analysis (Linear regression, logistic regression, t-test, ANOVA, Chi-square, Fisher’s exact, PLINK, METAL, Cluster analysis, Serial Gene expression analysis)
  • Genetic association, Gene-gene (GxG) and Gene-environment (GxE) analyses
  • Molecular pathway analyses (PARIS, others)
  • SNP score analyses
  • Genomic bioinformatics (next-generation sequencing and transcriptome pipelines, genotype data cleaning, CNV analyses, CRISPR-Cas9 next generation sequencing analysis)


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