Object Detection on Motion Video


Object Detection On Motion Video Backgrounds

SERI Protocol ID



Reduced visual acuity



Principal Investigator

Gang Luo, Ph.D.

Study Design

You will be asked to watch a series of videos and press a response button when you see an event occur in the video. Events will be stationary or moving, such as pedestrians crossing the street. For some videos, you will complete an additional task such as reading letters. You will use a bioptic telescope while watching some of the videos.

Study Objective

This study is aimed at evaluating the ability of patients with vision impairments to detect events in videos when using a monocular bioptic telescope.

Who is Eligible

Individuals with reduced visual acuity who use bioptic telescopes.

Subject Enrollment

We are currently enrolling individuals with reduced visual acuity. Potential participants will be screened on their first visit to determine eligibility.

Study Procedures

If you agree to participate in this study and meet the selection criteria, you will watch a series of videos (approximately 2 hours over 1 to 2 visits). You will press a response button when you see an event (described by the experimenter) occur in the video. For some of the videos you will be asked to use a bioptic telescope and perform an additional task such as reading letters.

For More Information

617-912-2505 or 617-912-2529

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