Watching Television and Movies with Low Vision

Title Watching Television and Movies with Low Vision
MEE Protocol ID 12-121H (2010-01)
National Clinical Trial (NCT) Number N/A
Condition Hemianopia with or without spacial neglect
Sponsor National Eye Institute
Principal Investigator Russell Woods, Ph.D.
Study Design An interview that takes about 15-20 to complete will be conducted over the telephone.
Study Objective The study investigates the TV, movie and cinema viewing experiences and photograph taking experiences of people with impaired vision
Who is Eligible Individuals diagnosed with hemianopia (hemianopsia), quadranopia (quadranopsia), or any type of homonymous visual field loss, and individuals diagnosed with spatial neglect (hemispatial neglect, hemianosia, unilateral neglect).
Subject Enrollment We are currently enrolling individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of hemianopia, quadranopia with or without spatial neglect.
Study Procedures If you agree to participate in this study, you will be asked to answer some questions over the phone at your earliest convenience.
For More Information
(617) 912-2526 or (617) 912-2590

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