Hemianopia-Spatial Neglect - Driving Simulator


Driving simulator to evaluate detection and scanning behaviors of people with hemianopia and/or spatial neglect

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Hemianopia and/or spatial neglect



Principal Investigator

Alex Bowers PhD and Eli Peli, M.Sc., O.D.

Study Design

There will be a screening visit to determine eligibility, followed by 3 or 4 sessions in the driving simulator at Schepens Eye Research Institute of Mass. Eye and Ear.

Study Objective

Visual field loss and spatial neglect (inattention to one side) commonly occur as a result of stroke and traumatic brain injury. In this study we will use a driving simulator as a safe, interactive environment in which to evaluate the extent to which visual field loss and neglect on driving skills, especially detection of potential hazards. We will also evaluate whether prism glasses improve detection performance.

Who is Eligible

Individuals diagnosed with hemianopia, quadranopia, or any type of homonymous visual field loss, and individuals diagnosed with spatial neglect.

Subject Enrollment

We are currently enrolling individuals with hemianopia, quadranopia and/or spatial neglect. Potential participants will be screened on their first visit to determine eligibility.

Study Procedures

If you agree to participate in this study and meet the selection criteria, you will be asked to drive in a high-tech driving simulator on three or four occasions. The simulator has all the controls of a normal car and provides a realistic driving experience. You will be asked to complete several drives in each session. While you are driving you will press the horn button whenever you see a pedestrian. Each driving session will be about 3 hours.

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