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Pediatric Surgery

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Find the latest information about COVID-19, our updated Visitor Policy, screening for patients and support persons, and what you need to know before your appointment or inpatient visit here.

We strive to make surgery a positive experience for children and their parents. It is important to prepare yourself for your child’s surgery. Parents who understand what their child will go through before, during and after surgery at Mass Eye and Ear can control their worries and send the message to their child that everything will be okay.

Pre-Operative Guide for Pediatric Patients

This guide will provide you and your family with everything you need to know to make your child’s experience as comfortable as possible, including:

  • A checklist of what you may need to bring to the hospital
  • What to do the night before surgery
  • When your child should stop eating and drinking
  • And more

Read the guide

Pre-Admission Teaching Tours

In order to help prepare your child for surgery, a pre-admission teaching tour is available with our Child Life Specialists. These tours of the pediatric unit explain what to expect on the day of surgery. During the tour, we will walkthrough how the day will go and look at an anesthesia mask/IV and other hospital equipment. This also provides a time for you and your child to ask questions prior to surgery and ease anxiety around the unknown.

To schedule a teaching tour, please contact our Child Life Specialists at 617-573-4184 or

A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Surgery Patient

The following video shows what Sam, a Mass. Eye and Ear patient, and her parents, experienced on her day of surgery. Please note: There is a real anesthesia induction during the video that shows the stages and effects of anesthesia. We recommend that you take the time to view the video yourself prior to sharing with your child.

Important Information for Parents

Prior to your child’s surgery, we suggest that you read the following tips, listed by age, to help prepare your child for their hospital visit.