2012 News Stories

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Development of New Corneal Cell Line Provides Powerful Tool
Dec. 27, 2012 (Science Codex) - Ula Jurkunas, M.D., at Mass. Eye and Ear, led a research team to develop two first-of-their-kind models for human corneal endothelium. Studying human corneal endothelium has been difficult in the past because limited cellular model systems exist and have significant drawbacks. The breakthrough opens the door to research that could lead to the development of new treatments for corneal disease.

Parents Adopt Chinese Girl Who Lost Her Smile
Dec. 4, 2012 (WCVB) – You won’t take your smile for granted after reading this story about Narissa McGill, a young girl adopted from an orphanage in China. Drs. Tessa Hadlock and Kevin Emerick at Mass. Eye and Ear used an intricate nerve graft to treat the partial paralysis caused by removal of a facial tumor which prevented the young girl from being able to smile. You can also see Narissa’s story on Mass. Eye and Ear’s YouTube channel.

A Need to Know the Worst News You Will Ever Hear
Dec. 2, 2012 (CBS) – Doctors, including Evangelos Gragoudas of Mass. Eye and Ear, discuss their opinions of the importance of knowing your medical fate, even if a disease is incurable.

Empathy Training as a Tool to Improve Medical Outcomes
Nov. 29, 2012 (ENT Today) - Paul Konowitz, M.D., Medical director of Mass. Eye and Ear, Quincy, and clinical professor of otology and laryngology at Harvard Medical School has teamed up with Heather Reiss, M.D., and created a program for Mass. Eye and Ear residents to teach them about the neurobiology and physiology of emotions. This program proved that the residents had an increased ability to empathize with their patients specific issues.

Next Generation: Ear-Powered Batteries
Nov. 11, 2012 (The Scientist Magazine) – For the first time, researchers have harvested the energy of the inner ear to power a small sensing device. Mass. Eye and Ear surgeon Konstantina Stankovic, M.D., and other researchers have discovered electrical potential in the ear.

Mass. Eye and Ear Opens Outpatient Center in Longwood Medical Area
Nov. 8, 2012 (Boston.com) – Mass. Eye and Ear, Longwood has officially opened with a new state-of-art building on Huntington Avenue that will provide outpatient surgical services and care for even more patients in the Longwood Medical Area.

Medical Devices Powered by the Ear Itself
Nov. 7, 2012 (MIT) – Mass. Eye and Ear surgeon Konstantina Stankovic, M.D., along with other researchers, have successfully harnessed power from the ear. The discovery has potential for future therapies.

Bio-Battery Could Power Medical Implants
Nov. 7, 2012 (EE Times) – A team of researchers, including Mass. Eye and Ear surgeon Konstantina Stankovic, M.D., have successfully harvested the energy of the inner ear to power a small device. The cochlea to operates like a biological battery, critical for transforming sound pressure waves into the electrical signals sent to the brain.

Wireless Sensor Implant Powered by Body’s Own Internal Battery
Nov. 7, 2012 (Med Gadget) – A team of researchers from Mass. Eye and Ear, MIT, and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology have successfully developed and tested a chip on mammals that harvests electricity within the cochlear of the inner ear to work like a battery and power itself.

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Opens New Facility
Nov. 1, 2012 (The Harvard Crimson) – Mass. Eye and Ear cut the ribbon on Wednesday morning on a new 90,000-foot facility on Huntington Avenue in the Longwood/Mission Hill area of Boston. The new facility is designed as an outpatient clinic and surgical center to treat more patients in the Boston area.

Patriots Players and Others Out and About
Nov. 1, 2012 (The Boston Globe) – Many gathered in the Mission Hill area of Boston on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of Mass. Eye and Ear’s news surgical and outpatient center. Attendees included Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck, Peter Meade, Bob Beal, and Mass. Eye and Ear President and CEO John Fernandez.

Patricia A. D’Amore, Ph.D., M.B.A., FARVO Named Director of Research at Schepens Eye Research Institute, Mass. Eye and Ear
Oct. 29, 2012 (News Wise) – Schepens Eye Institute and Mass. Eye and Ear are proud to announce that Patricia D’Amore, Ph.D., MBA, and FARVO, is now Director of Research at Schepens Eye Research Institute. D’Amore is a Professor of Ophthalmology and Pathology at Harvard Medical School, Harvard Medical School Ophthalmology Vice Chair of Basic Research, and Senior Scientists and Ankeny Scholar of Retinal Molecular Biology at Schepens.

Joey McIntyre at Mass. Eye and Ear Gala
Oct. 18, 2012 (The Boston Globe) - Sense-ation was a huge success thanks to many people including New Kids on the Block star, Joey McIntyre. The night raised more than $1.1 million towards Mass. Eye and Ear’s Curing Kids Fund.

McIntyre Sings Praises of Mass. Eye and Ear
Oct. 16, 2012 (The Boston Globe) - Today marks the celebration of Sense-ation. New Kid’s on the Block singer Joey McIntyre, Channel 5’s Bianca de la Garza, and Mass. Eye and Ear Board Chair and Celtics CEO & Co-owner Wyc Grousbeck are all set to help out at tonight’s gala which raises funds for the Curing Kids Fund at Mass. Eye and Ear.

What Your Eyes Say About Your Health
Oct.15, 2012- (Boston.com) - The latest 'Daily Dose' discusses the importance of eye exams. Not only do these exams check vision, but ophthalmologists can detect anything from clogged arteries to liver diseases. Dr. Sherleen Chen, director of comprehensive ophthalmology service at Mass. Eye and Ear speaks about seven different health issues that can be addressed during eye exams.

See the World Through Her Eyes
Oct. 14, 2012- (Portland Press Herald) - Christina DiPietro was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at age 4, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing the things that she loves. DiPietro is a patient of Dr. Eliot Berson, director of Harvard Medical School’s Berman-Gund Laboratory at Mass. Eye and Ear. She has been a patient of Dr. Berson since age six. DiPietro, now 17, is a leading player on her high school field hockey team. She dribbles around opponents and scores hat tricks, all while being legally blind. The center forward has helped lead her team to this year’s playoffs, finishing their regular season with an outstanding 12-2 record.

After Tonsillectomy, Steroids May Not Increase Bleeding
Sept. 25, 2012- (HealthDay) - Dr. Christopher Hartnick, chief quality officer of otolaryngology at Mass. Eye and Ear, is the co-author of a recent U.S. study that discovered breakthroughs in children’s health. The study, published Sept. 26 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that corticosteroids given to children undergoing tonsillectomy were not associated with excessive or serious bleeding following surgery compared to patients who received a placebo.

Newton Doctor Saves Life in Grand Canyon
Sept. 24, 2012- (Wicked Local-Newton) - Dr. David Kieff, emergency department ENT specialist at Mass. Eye and Ear, is used to saving lives in the operating room, but the doctor never imagined he’d have to do it on vacation in the depths of the Grand Canyon. With no other medical attention available, Dr. Kieff was the only person to assist Austin Hilkemeyer, who was knocked unconscious by falling rocks during an avalanche.

Dartmouth Man Tormented for Decade by Sounds in Own Body
Sept. 20, 2012- (CNN) - Dr. Daniel Lee, director of Pediatric Otology and Neurotology at Mass. Eye and Ear, recently performed a four-hour brain surgery to cure a man suffering from superior canal dehiscence syndrome. Manny Pavao describes that he finally has a sense of peace and quiet. For years Pavao was tormented by hearing the sounds within his own body.

Mass. Eye and Ear, Joslin Partner to Fight Eye Disease
Sept. 10, 2012 - (The Boston Herald) - Mass. Eye and Ear and Joslin Diabetes Center have reached an agreement to form a clinical and research alliance to provide eye care to patients throughout Greater Boston. The alliance brings together Boston’s two most advanced clinical eye departments.

Two Rare Neti Pot Deaths Prompts Warning
Sept. 10, 2012- (The Boston Globe) - Two unfortunate and rare deaths in Louisiana have raised warnings to Neti pot users. Dr. Stacey Gray, Co-Director of Mass. Eye and Ear’s Sinus Center, comments.

Taking a look at AMD
Sept. 6, 2012- (South Coast Today) - Dr. Kameran Lashkari, retina specialist at Schepens/Mass. Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School, explains the harsh realities of Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Dr. Lashkari explains that as our population ages, the number of AMD cases will increase, saying the number of cases will exceed all cases of cancer taken together.

Home Remedy No-No’s
Sept. 5, 2012- (Medical Daily) - Doctors discuss home remedies that can be acceptable and the ones that are never okay to perform at home. Dr. Jennifer Smullen, instructor of otology and laryngology at Mass. Eye and Ear, explains that ear candling can cause you to lose your hearing and severely hurt the ear canal and eardrum.

Retinal Prosthesis on Track for Further Testing
August 22, 2012- (Modern Medicine) - Dr. Joseph F. Rizzo, III, M.D., has stated that development of the high-density wireless neuro-stimulator is nearly complete. Dr. Rizzo is leading a team in the development of a retinal prosthesis intended to restore vision lost to degenerative retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.

Kids’ Coughs a Casualty of Parental Smoking
August 21, 2012- (ABC News) –A recent study found that parents who smoke could be killing their child’s cough reflex, which serves to protect the lungs from irritating chemicals, food, bacteria, or smoke. Dr. Michael Cohen, a pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist at Mass. Eye and Ear, stresses how meaningful healthy lungs are for the health of not only yourself, but your children.

Millis Girl Donates iPads to Hospital
August 5, 2012 - (The Boston Globe) – Holly Hayes, a 13-year-old patient at Mass. Eye and Ear, recently donated three brand new iPad’s to the pediatric surgery unit of the hospital. This generous donation was given to help other children calm their nerves before surgery.

Elusive Gene that Causes a Form of Blindness Discovered
July 30, 2012 - (MSN News) – Researchers at Mass. Eye and Ear, along with other researchers of prominent hospitals, have isolated an elusive human gene called NMNAT1. This causes a common form of Leber congenital amaurosis in infants. This discovery allows patients to know the cause of their condition and has opened the door to new treatments for other neurodegenerative diseases.

Cures for Deaf, Blind Mice Offer Glimmers of Early Hope for Humans
July 25, 2012 – (ABC News) - Scientists from the University of California, Berkley, are reporting success with treatments to restore sight and hearing in mice born without those senses. Dr. Zheng-Yi Chen, a hearing researcher at Mass. Eye and Ear’s Eaton-Peabody Lab, said he considers the findings a breakthrough for deaf humans as well.

Closing In on a Cure for Vision Loss
July 23, 2012 - (The Wall Street Journal) - Scientists believe they may be on the cusp of developing a possible cure for some types of blindness. Scientists say if the work pans out, it could pave the way to treat the most common type of vision loss known as age-related macular degenerations. Dr. Eric Pierce, director of Mass. Eye and Ear Ocular Genomics institute, explains that scientists are getting a better understanding of the complex biochemical interactions involved in eyesight to further their research.

RPB Awards $110,000 Grant to Mass. Eye and Ear and HMS for Research into Blinding Diseases
July 21, 2012- (News-Medical) - Research to Prevent Blindness has awarded an $110,000 grant to Mass. Eye and Ear to conduct further research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of blinding diseases. The research will be lead by Dr. Joan Miller, Chief of Ophthalmology, Mass. Eye and Ear.

Dr. Berson of Mass. Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School Receives Visionary Award
July 10, 2012 - (Eureka Alert) - The Foundation Fighting Blindness awarded Dr. Eliot Berson, Director of the Berman-Gund Laboratory for the study of Retinal Degenerations, the Visionary Award at the Dining in the Dark Event on June 21 at Boston InterContinental Hotel. The Visionary Award was presented to Berson for his important role in research to advance the understanding of potentially blinding diseases and for the development of the first treatment for retinitis pigmentosa.

A Life-Death Predictor Adds to a Cancer’s Strain
July 9, 2012- (The New York Times) - 18-year-old Cassandra Caton was diagnosed with cancer after a large growth in the back of her eye had ripped her retina and destroyed her vision. Dr. Evangelos Gragoudas, ocular oncologist at Mass. Eye and Ear, speaks about the options for Cassandra.

Sun Damage Can Cause ‘Surfer’s Eye’
June 28, 2012- (MSNBC) –Doctors have new concerns for surfers and how sun exposure can take a toll on their eyes. Dr. Kathryn Colby, a cornea surgeon at Mass. Eye and Ear, suggests keeping your eyes safe while outdoors and stresses that sunglass are important for both children and adults to help avoid this condition.

Lessons in Eye Surgery with Dr. John Loewenstein
June 25, 2012 - (The Boston Globe) - Dr. John Loewenstein, Vice Chairman for Education in Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and Associate Chief of Ophthalmology at Mass. Eye and Ear, is one of the developers of a computer program to help teach medical students how to perform cataract surgery.

ESPN’s Sean McDonough to Have Surgery on Bone Near Brain
June 14, 2012 - (USA Today) - ESPN reporter Sean McDonough announced that he has been diagnosed with superior canal dehiscence syndrome and will have surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear to fix a small hole in the bone that separates his left inner ear from his brain. Mass. Eye and Ear otologist Dr. Daniel Lee will perform the surgery.

Lawn Mower Noise Could Damage Hearing
June 13, 2012- (WCVB-TV) - Using the lawn mower without protective gear could really damage your hearing. Just 85 decibels can cause ear damage. Meaghan Reed, an audiologist at Mass. Eye and Ear shared that, “Gas-powered lawn mowers can be anywhere from 90-106 decibels.” So, when you’re out mowing this summer wear protective gear and limit your exposure.

Lynch Family Funds New Laser Center at Mass. Eye and Ear
June 02, 2012 - (Wicked Local Marblehead) - The Carolyn and Peter Lynch Center for Facial and Reconstructive Laser Surgery will change the lives of individuals with facial deformities thanks to a generous donation from the Lynch Family. Carolyn and Peter Lynch are trustees and longtime supporters of Mass. Eye and Ear.

Innovative Surgery Restores Sight for Blind Man
May 14, 2012 – (The StarPhoenix) – Partially blind for most of his life, a 72-year-old Saskatoon man can now see, thanks to an innovative surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear. Doctors inserted a small lens in his eye, giving him a whole new perspective on life.

Mother's Day: Mom Fights Back Against Domestic Violence
May 13, 2012 – (Fox News Latino) – A domestic violence victim shares her story of leaving her native Dominican Republic and coming to the US for treatment at Shriner’s and Mass. Eye and Ear’s Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center after suffering third degree burns. The mother of two, based in Lynn, Mass. is now an activist, speaking to women about the dangers of domestic violence and how to overcome them.

Tracked Down: Andrew Ference, Tom Menino, Dennis Lehane and More…
May 11, 2012 – (Boston Herald) – Mayor Tom Menino entertained Mass. Eye and Ear nurses with his own hospital anecdotes at the annual Nurses Week Dinner.

Research gets closer to genetic roots of glaucoma
April 27, 2012 – (WFMJ) – Dr. Janey Wiggs and colleagues analyzed the DNA sequences of more than 6,000 people. Their research, published online April 26 in PLoS Genetics, found that two genetic variations were linked to a common form of glaucoma, known as primary open-angle glaucoma. Glaucoma affects about 2.2 million people in the United States.

Pitcher Loses Eye, Pushes for Protective Gear
April 23, 2012 – (WCVB) – After a softball injury crushed his face, Dale Sarkisian of Auburn, Mass. will never see out of his left eye again. But he turned a tragedy into inspiration. He got a prosthetic eye implant at Mass. Eye and Ear, which will give him at least some eye movement, and is advocating to make protective gear more accessible to those who want it.

Losing Sight
April 23, 2012 – (The Sun Chronicle) – As Baby Boomers age, they become more likely to be diagnosed with vision problems, among them Advanced Macular Degeneration. However, Dr. Ivana Kim says Baby Boomers diagnosed with AMD are better off than previous generations, due to the greater amount of treatment options today.

Could Caffeine Help Dry Eyes?
April 20, 2012 – (WebMD) – Dr. Pedram Hamrah reviews a study suggesting that caffeine may increase tear production in dry eyes. He says the findings are valuable, but because those with dry eye tend to have a high rate of tear evaporation, future research should address whether caffeine will have a lasting effect.

Port native Connors runs BAA 5K blindfolded
April 20, 2012 – (Newburyport News) – Mass. Eye and Ear research assistant and Newburyport, Mass. resident Erin Connors participated in the Boston Athletic Association's 5K "Blindfold Challenge." Connors has firsthand experience working with the blind, and said, “"This race promotes independence for blind people. That first training run, you run blindfolded and you can't take a step without gripping your guide for dear life. Before you know it, you're super comfortable. It shows that with the right access to information and plenty of support, blind people can do anything."

Long Dormant Worcester Coffee House Hosts Les Sampou
April 19, 2012 – (Worcester Telegram) – Boston-area folk singer Les Sampou performed at the listening room at Worcester’s First Unitarian Church, a long-dormant venue now showing signs of revival. After the release of her third album, she injured her voice and was treated at Mass. Eye and Ear. She is now also a voice teacher, and credits Mass. Eye and Ear’s speech pathologists for helping her make the transition. "I learned some amazing things and was able to turn around and started teaching other people how to do it and ended up being a good teacher," she said.

Boston Marathon Pushes Blind, Deaf Grand Rapids Adventurer to Limit
April 18, 2012 – (Grand Rapids Press) – Team Eye and Ear member Bill Barkeley of Grand Rapids, MI, was featured after finishing his first Boston Marathon. A Mass. Eye and Ear patient since 1989, Barkeley is legally blind and deaf due to Usher Syndrome. His three sons Will, John and Brian, sister-in-law, and John's girlfriend took turns guiding him. Barkeley says their encouragement, and knowing he’d be able to help Mass. Eye and Ear patients got him through the hard parts.

Study Amplifies Understanding of Hearing in Baleen Whales
April 17, 2012 – (Science Codex) – Mass. Eye and Ear was the site of a study on the auditory systems of baleen whales. Researchers performed CT scans and MRIs on seven heads of whales that died from natural causes. They found that baleen whales have some fats leading to their ears, enabling them to process ocean sounds.

Plenty of Reasons to Endure the Distance
April 17, 2012 – (Boston Herald) – Team Eye and Ear runner Meghan Chase’s nephew suffers from Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Major symptoms include glaucoma and fluid build-up in the eye. After Dr. Douglas Rhee successfully performed surgery on him, Chase was motivated to run her first Boston Marathon for the hospital, raising over $10,000.

GDATF Looks to Help Those Seeking Support
April 27, 2012 – (Examiner) – Boston Thyroid Health Examiner Stacey Thureen interviews Kimberly Dorris, Executive Director of the Graves Disease and Thyroid Foundation. A Graves’ patient herself, Dorris says someone who is newly diagnosed or who has been suffering from the condition for years might feel confused or even misunderstood. She now leads several support groups nationwide, including at Mass. Eye and Ear.

Tracked Down: Clay Buchholz, Rob Gronkowski, Marshall Faulk and More…
April 16, 2012 – (Boston Herald) – The Boston Herald spotted Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, sharing her story at Mass. Eye and Ear’s brunch for Team Eye and Ear.

They're in it for the Long Run
April 15, 2012 – (Cape Cod Times) – Team Eye and Ear runner Chris Mehmel was featured among other Cape and Islands Boston Marathon entrants. Mehmel is running in honor of the support and treatment his children, both diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and patients of Mass. Eye and Ear, have received at the hospital. Mehmel has his own challenges. A birth defect left him with a prosthetic leg, but he says, “I want to set the example for my kids that even though they may be visually impaired, they will succeed.”

Runners Take Blindfold Challenge
April 15, 2012 – (Boston Herald) – Mass. Eye and Ear research assistant Erin Connors ran in the Boston Athletic Association’s 5K Blindfold Challenge. Connors said the experience of running blindfolded gave her “a good dose of perspective on what blind athletes go through every day.”

Treatment Aims to Save Local Figure Skater's Olympic Dreams
April 6, 2012 – (WCVB-TV) – Adrian Huertas, 15, a keratoconus patient from Lincoln, Mass., becomes the very first patient to get collagen cross-linking treatment as part of a clinical trial at Mass. Eye and Ear. Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea weakens and changes shape over time, and can cause blindness. Dr. Kathryn Colby performed the procedure, which strengthens the cornea with collagen bonds to prevent further vision loss.

Wellesley's Dana Brennan to Run Boston Marathon for Mass. Eye and Ear
April 5, 2012 – (Wellesley Townsman) – Team Eye and Ear member Dana Brennan was profiled as she gears up to run the Boston Marathon on April 16. The Wellesley resident’s 5-year-old son, Danny, had his adenoids removed at Mass. Eye and Ear. The grateful mother will be running to raise funds for the Curing Kids Fund.

Residents Put Their Best Feet Forward for Boston Marathon
April 4, 2012 – (Winchester Star) – Team Eye and Ear members Russ and Lisa Fleming were featured for preparing to run the 2012 Boston Marathon. The Winchester couple aims to raise $10,000 to benefit eye cancer prevention research being done by their daughter’s physician, Dr. Kathryn Colby.

Sandown Girl Collects Toys for Young Patients
April 4, 2012 – (The Eagle Tribune) – Sandown, N.H., resident Gwendolyn Rose-Sheppard, a patient of Dr. Michael Rho, had ear tubes placed, and tonsils and adenoids removed at Mass. Eye and Ear. When her ninth birthday came around, she asked for toys – not for herself, but for the hospital’s pediatric ear, nose, and throat ward.

Blind and Deaf, Grand Rapids' Bill Barkeley Prepares for Boston Marathon
March 29, 2012 – (The Grand Rapids Press) – Team Eye and Ear runner Bill Barkeley thrives on breaking stereotypes associated with being physically handicapped. Despite being legally blind and deaf, he’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and is now training for the Boston Marathon to raise funds to support research at Mass. Eye and Ear, where’s he’s been a patient for 23 years.

Cheryl Clarkson, CEO of SkinHealth, Inc. Hosts the Honorable Dr. Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General of the United States for a Women’s Roundtable
March 23, 2012 – (Back Bay Patch) – Mass. Eye and Ear’s Dr. Joan Miller, Chief and Chair of Ophthalmology, was among 25 local attendees of the Women’s Business Roundtable, with Hon. Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General. The event was focused on public and private partnerships in disease prevention.

People Who Lack Sense of Smell May Be More At Risk of Depression
March 22, 2012 – (ABC) – Mass. Eye and Ear’s Dr. Eric Holbrook comments on a study that found people who lack a sense of smell are at higher risk of depression and other social insecurities. Holbrook says it’s common for such patients to lie to friends about being able to smell a strong odor while in a social gathering. He adds, "This seems mundane to people who can smell, but it stresses how these patients feel like they don't fit in at times."

New Surgery May Save Young Figure Skater’s Eyesight
March 20, 2012 – (WBZ-TV) –As part of a clinical trial, Mass. Eye and Ear’s Dr. Kathryn Colby performed the first “collagen cross-linking” surgery, once only available in Europe, on a teenage figure skater. Fifteen-year-old Adrian Huertas of Lincoln has Keratoconus, a disease that changes the shape of his cornea, which can reduce eyesight. Dr. Colby says the procedure provides bonds between molecules of collagen to strengthen his cornea, prevent further vision loss, and keep his Olympic aspirations alive.

Should Middle-Aged African Americans Be Screened For Glaucoma?
March 13, 2012 – (WBUR) – Dr. Louis Pasquale, Co-Director of the Mass. Eye and Ear Glaucoma Center of Excellence, was featured on WBUR’s CommonHealth for his findings on the costs and benefits of routinely screening middle-age African-Americans for glaucoma. Pasquale and co-authors predict that routine glaucoma screenings for African-American patients between the ages of 50 and 59 would reduce undiagnosed cases from 50 percent to 27 percent.

Lexington Boy Regains Sight After Surgery
March 9, 2012 – (Lexington Minuteman) – Team Eye and Ear runner Dr. Yamil Kouri was featured for running the 2012 Boston Marathon to benefit the work of Dr. Shizuo Mukai, who treated his son’s eye condition related to Marfan Syndrome.

Experts: iPad, Computer Screens May Cause Computer Vision Syndrome
March 8, 2012– (CBS) – Mass. Eye and Ear’s Dr. Matthew Gardiner says iPads, like other computer or smartphone screens, might contribute to "computer vision syndrome.” He says when staring so closely at these screens, don’t forget to blink to avoid dry eyes and irritation.

Scientists Discover How a Bacterial Pathogen Breaks Down Barriers to Enter and Infect Cells
March 6, 2012– (KSFY-TV) – Mass. Eye and Ear researchers find, for the first time, how a bacteria causing conjunctivitis passes the mucin barrier and causes infection. Dr. Ilene Gipson of Schepens Eye Research Institute, the study’s lead researcher, says the study could lead to a new target for preventative drugs.

Moorestown Couple Running Boston Marathon for Charity
March 6, 2012– (Moorestown Patch) – Team Eye and Ear runners Brad and Terry Zimmerman, currently of Moorestown, NJ, sat down with the Moorestown Patch as they gear up to run the Boston Marathon for Team Eye and Ear. Brad underwent brain tumor surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear, and after watching his wife, Terry, run from the sidelines, they’ll run as a couple this year to benefit the institution.

Does Drinking Coffee Increase Glaucoma Risk?
March 6, 2012– (Medscape Medical News) – Mass. Eye and Ear’s Aliya Jiwani, B.A., explains findings from the first study of its kind examining the effect of coffee on intraocular pressure (IOP).

Schepens Eye Research Doctors Share Latest Research at Palm Beach Symposia
March 3, 2012 – (Palm Beach Daily News) – Mass. Eye and Ear’s CEO John Fernandez and Dr. Demetrios Vavvas presented overviews of the latest research at Schepens Eye Research Institute’s Palm Beach Symposia.

Blind Attorney Teaches Self-Defense and Overcomes Fear
Feb. 28, 2012 – (The Worcester Telegram) – When Mass. Eye and Ear patient Elizabeth Myska was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa seven years ago, she may have felt vulnerable. Instead, she feels more empowered than ever before. After learning 1 Touch, a self defense technique for the blind and visually impaired, she became a certified coach and brought the class to Mass. Eye and Ear. Read on for her inspirational story!

Lions Member Gets the Gift of Sight
Feb. 24, 2012 – (The Battlefords News-Optimist) – A Saskatoon man who has gone progressively blind over the years had his sight restored thanks to an artificial cornea transplant at Mass. Eye and Ear.

A Marathon Return to Health
Feb. 24, 2012 – (phillyBurbs.com) – After Brad Zimmerman underwent brain tumor removal surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear, he was inactive for 18 months. He's now healthy enough to train for his sixth marathon alongside his wife, raising funds for Team Eye and Ear in honor of the treatment he received from Dr. McKenna.

Worcester News Tonight: Self Defense for the Disabled
Feb. 23, 2012 – (Charter3 TV) – Mass. Eye and Ear retinitis pigmentosa patient Elizabeth Myska is featured for bringing 1 Touch self defense for the blind to Massachusetts.

Visually Impaired Woman Overcomes Odds to Learn Martial Arts
Feb. 23, 2012 – (NECN.com) – See Elizabeth Myska's story on NECN.

Deaf, Blind Adventurer ‘Lives Marathon’
Feb. 23, 2012 – (WOODTV) – Bill Barkeley says Usher Syndrome doesn’t stop him from training to run the Boston Marathon for Team Eye and Ear.

Omega-3 Rich Diet Combined with Vitamin A Slows Visual Acuity Decline in Patients with RP
Feb. 21, 2012 – (Foundation Fighting Blindness) – Dr. Eliot Berson found that adults with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) who ate one to two three-ounce servings of omega-3 rich fish along with vitamin A had a 40 percent slower rate of vision loss compared to those taking vitamin A alone.

Fish Linked to Less Visual Decline
Feb. 20, 2012 – (News24) – Dr. Eliot Berson says, for those with Retinitis Pigmentosa, "the treatment regiment of vitamin A combined with an omega-3 rich diet (0.20 g/d) should make it possible for many patients to retain both visual acuity and central visual field for most of their lives."

Actress Judi Dench Says She's Battling Blindness
Feb. 18, 2012 – (ABC) – The James Bond star reveals she has been diagnosed with macular degeneration - but those in her situation have many treatment options. Dr. Kathryn Colby discusses one of them - a tiny telescope implanted into the affected eye. Watch the video for more!

Omega-3 Slows Down Retinitis Pigmentosa Progression
Feb. 15, 2012 – (Medical News Today) – A report published Online First by Archives of Ophthalmology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, reveals that adults with retinitis pigmentosa who took vitamin A supplements over a period of four to six years, showed slower decline in annual rates of distance and retinal visual acuities by consuming a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Study by Dr. Eliot Berson at Mass. Eye and Ear.

A Smile to Inspire
Feb. 15, 2012 – (Dedham Patch) – Read a heartwarming column about a young Mass. Eye and Ear Facial Nerve Center patient's search for a new smile.

Dietary Changes May Slow Retinitis Pigmentosa
Feb. 13, 2012 – (The Baltimore Sun) – Dr. Eliot Berson's new study shows that people with retinitis pigmentosa can maintain vision much longer if they take vitamin A and eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Eye Surgery Saves Girl From Tumor
Feb. 13, 2012 – (WCVB TV) – Dr. Aaron Fay looks back on two years ago, when he removed a young Romanian girl's eye tumor and reconstructed her orbital area.

Smart Lenses Will Do More Than Just Improve Your Vision
Feb. 10, 2012 – (CBS Boston) – Dr. Ciolino discusses the advantages of the development of the "smart lens" - contact lenses which could release medication to the eye and monitor the body overall.

Shining a Light With Gene Therapy: Repeat Gene Therapy Proved Safe and Resulted in Improved Vision in Small Study
Feb. 8, 2012 – (HealthCanal.com) – Dr. Eric Pierce, director of the Ocular Genomics Institute, along with research team, discovers gene therapy's potential to treat congenital blindness.

How Technology Impacts Physical and Emotional Health
Feb. 7, 2012 – (CBS Boston) – Drs. Matthew Gardiner, Ophthalmology, and Jennifer Smullen, Otology and Neurotology, discuss how everyday gadgets can contribute to computer vision syndrome and hearing loss over time.

Dr. Reza Dana Awarded 2012 Chancellors Award
Feb. 7, 2012 – (Physorg.com) – Mass. Eye and Ear Cornea Service and Refractive Surgery Service Director Reza Dana, M.D., MPH, M.Sc., is the recipient of the 2012 Chancellor's Award in Neurosciences and Ophthalmology from Louisiana State University (LSU) Health Sciences Center School of Medicine at New Orleans.

Youthful Tattoos Turn Into Grown-Up Regrets
Feb. 6, 2012 – (WCVB TV) – Dr. Oon Tian Tan of Mass. Eye and Ear’s Laser Center discusses the tattoo removal process.

Patriot Players’ Kids Get Hearing Protection Gear from Mass. Eye and Ear
Feb. 1, 2012 – (The Boston Globe) – Mass. Eye and Ear pediatric otolaryngologist Dr. Michael Cohen provides the Patriots’ kids with earmuffs to protect them from the sounds of the Superbowl - where decibel levels can exceed 120.

Results Favor Primary Use of Artificial Cornea
Jan. 18, 2012 – (Modern Medicine) –Dr. Kathryn Colby comments on the effectiveness and the safety of the Boston K-Pro.

Learning to Restore Balance
Jan. 16, 2012 – (The Boston Globe) –Mass. Eye and Ear otologist Steven Rauch M.D., and researcher Conrad Wall III, Ph.D., discuss the different types, symptoms, and treatments of dizziness and balance problems.

Concord's Hadlock Directs Surgery Division
Jan. 16, 2012 – (Metro West Daily News) –Dr. Tessa Hadlock discusses her new appointment at Mass. Eye and Ear.

New Year’s Quiz on Rules of the Road
Jan. 5, 2012 – (The Boston Globe) –Mass. Eye and Ear ENT specialist Dr. Josef Shargorodsky talks about the decibel level of driving when car windows are down.

Weekly Challenge: Get Screened for Eye Diseases
Jan. 2, 2012 – (Boston.com) –Mass. Eye and Ear ophthalmologist Dr. Louis Pasquale recommends starting 2012 with a routine eye exam.

Once Overweight, Marvin Carey Drops Pounds, Trains for Boston Marathon
Jan. 1, 2012 – (Sentinel & Enterprise) –Team Eye and Ear member Marvin Carey quit smoking, started running and will now be one of the 50 people running for Mass. Eye and Ear in the 2012 Boston Marathon.

Be Healthy: Glaucoma
January 2012 – (Bay State Banner) –Mass. Eye and Ear doctors and patients share their stories of glaucoma, including being at risk with 20/20 vision and why early screening as a teenager can save your sight.