Mass. Eye and Ear in the News 2008

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Hard to Hear at Holiday Parties, Blame Your Brain
Dec. 29, 2008 - (Associated Press) - It's almost New Year's Eve, a time for plunging into boisterous crowds bathed in loud music. And for some of us, that means turning to an old friend and hearing things like this: "Did you know (BOOM-da-da-BOOM) went over (Bob! You look wonder-) so she said (clink-clink) and then I (Here, have another one) what would you do?" Huh? Too noisy to hear! But wait — how come these younger people understood what she said? What's wrong with your ears? Actually, part of the problem may be your brain.

The Perils of Sneezing: Stiffness to Carwrecks
Dec. 22, 2008 - (ABC News) - It might have been just another summer day at the office. But when Erina Ramly of Chestnut Hill, Mass., felt a tickle in her nose as she headed to the cubicle of a co-worker, she did not imagine that what happened next would lead to excruciating pain.

If I Had - A Baby With Chronic Tearing - Dr. Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Insider Medicine

As we age, is the pattern of hearing loss different for men and women?

You Think It's Mucus, but It's Not

If I Knew Then - Dr. Janey Wiggs, M.D., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Encourages Medical Students to Find Mentors Insider Medicine

10 Baffling Medical Conditions

Hope in the Air

A Less-Invasive Glaucoma Procedure

What’s happening at the West End House The Allston-Brighton TAB

Management of Retinitis Pigmentosa Retinal Physician

The Unappreciated, Holding Our Lives in Balance

In the Spotlight - Dr. Daniel Deschler, M.D., FACS, Harvard Medical School, Discusses Post-Surgery Voice Reconstruction Insider Medicine

Losing Your Voice: 5 Myths for Remedies

Use Vision To Your Best Ability

If I have trouble hearing in one ear, is it dangerous?

Jackson Has 'Floating Woman's Syndrome

Thyroid Cancer

Medical Mystery? Eyes Clamped Shut

If I Knew Then - Dr. Matthew Gardiner, M.D., Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, on Considering a Specialty Insider Medicine

If I Had - Dry Eye - Dr. Reza Dana, M.D., M.Sc., MPH, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Harvard Medical School Insider Medicine

If I Had - Moderate Myopia - Dr. Roberto Pineda, M.D., Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Harvard Medical School Insider Medicine

Seeing what they hear, to better understand ourselves Harvard Gazette

Prompt treatment can restore some hearing

Sudden hearing loss has few symptoms and its cause is a mystery

Physician Focus, August 2008: Age-Related Eye Diseases MMS Podcasts

Protecting Little Ears From Their iPods

Facing cancer puts lump in throat

Stressing humanitarianism and service Taunton Daily Gazette

Half of U.S. Adults Lack 20/20 Vision

The trained eye

In the Clinic - Dr. Roland Eavey, MD, Discusses the Initial Approach to Treating Microtia Insider Medicine

Profile Dr. Judah Folkman PBS/ Nova ScienceNow

Is there any way to prevent ear infections after swimming?

Corneal Transplant Technique Shows Promise in Children Innovations Report

Lab for Hearing Research Celebrates 50th Harvard Medical School Focus

Local physician receives award from Research to Prevent Blindness

Kennedy's Voice Draws Attention to Rare Disorder - RFK Jr.'s Public Speeches Piqued Curiosity about His Vocal Cords

Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary nurse awarded Norman Knight Clinical Practice Excellence Award

Worst Ways to Put Out Your Eyes

Officials warn of fireworks danger

Dana Receives $35k Grant

Sinus Infection Causes Vision Loss for Teen

How Can I Prevent Sinus Infections?

Are There Any Effective Ways To Treat Sinus Infections Using Alternative Medicine?

Professorship Announced in Hearing Research Harvard Medical School Focus

Multicenter Clinical Trial Compares Effectiveness, Side Effects of Common Treatments for Sudden Deafness

What Causes Sinus Infections And What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Sinus Infections?

How Do I Tell The Difference Between A Head Cold And A Sinus Infection?

When Should I Call My Doctor About A Sinus Infection?

There’s More to Ears Than Just Wax

Bone-Assisted Aids Can Double Hearing Discovery Channel

Is Lasik Surgery Safe?

Diabetes Seems to Heighten Glaucoma Risk US News and World Report

Altered Viruses Reversed Progressive Blindness, Studies Say

Gene Therapy May Improve Vision in Patients With Rare Blindness

Will Gene Therapy Finally Work?

Diabetes seems to heighten glaucoma risk Baxter Bulletin

From Boston to Burma, with vision

Solid showing for region's runners Daily News Transcript-Norwood,MA

Going the distance Daily News Transcript-Norwood,MA

Soldier Running Marathon For Fallen Comrade

Skateboarding Accident 7 News Boston

Skateboarding Accident (video) 7 News Boston

Running The Marathon For Mom

Five Home Remedy No-No's

A sinus sufferer chooses

Beverly woman optimistic about optical treatment

High-tech retinal implant: How it works, how it’s evolved

Eyes on prize: Visionary device gives hope, 20-year high-tech project aims to restore sight, boost quality of life

Detecting Eye Disease Early

Eye injury helps brother focus on beautiful future

Dr. Eavey discusses what he would do if he had a child with microtia Insider Medicine

On Mat, He Sees Success

Indications for the Excimer Laser - Dr. Roberto Pineda Insider Medicine

If I Had - A Penetrating Eye Injury - Dr. Matthew Gardiner, MD Insider Medicine

If I Knew Then - Dr. Reza Dana, MD Insider Medicine

After surgery for his apnea, Hansen works on solid rest

Sleep disorder can tire you out

Awakening for Hansen-Breathes easy after apnea diagnosis

Refreshed Hansen bursting with energy

Fatty Acid Drops Reverse Clinical Signs of Dry Eye in Mice

Fatty Acids Beneficial in Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

Eight Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

If I Knew Then - Dr. Roberto Pineda, MD Insider Medicine

Eat Different Colours and Types of Fruit and Veg

Treating Colds NECN

If I Had - Loss in Sense of Smell - Dr. Eric Holbrook, MD Insider Medicine

In the Spotlight - Dr. Roland Eavey, MD Insider Medicine

Taste/Smell Disorders Healthline

Nathan can walk and see

Dr. Miller discusses AMD in video posted on Insider Medicine Insider Medicine