Mass. Eye and Ear in the News 2004

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FDA OKs New Macular Degeneration Drug The

Sounds from silence - After years of deafness, 'bionic ear' changes local woman's life

Implant devices can give 'perception' of hearing to deaf, severely hearing-impaired

Skin The

New Era of Treatment for Growing epidemic of wet AMD Medical News Today

Researchers Discover New Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa; Study Published in Two Papers in Archives of Ophthalmology September 2004 Issue Ascribe

Treatment with vitamin A and an omega-3 fatty acid slows down the progression of retinitis pigmentosa News-Medical.Net

Blink Bling? Not So Fast, Say Some Experts The Boston Channel

New Discovery May Help Transplants Survive; Blocking Growth Factor Stops Rejection

New Procedure Helps Aging Eyes WCVB5-TV Boston

Overcoming a Hoarse Throat 7News Boston

Highly Targeted Photodynamic Therapy Found Helpful in Treating Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Animal Models Ascribe

Best Hospitals 2004: Top 5 In Each Specialty WPXI, Pitsburgh

How can I stop my ears from ringing?Boston Globe

Getting Glasses WHDH

Why do my eyes close every time I sneeze? Boston Globe

Eye-Opening Facts About Cataracts Nursing Spectrum

Age-Related Vision Loss On Rise WCVB5-TV Boston

Fighting fatigue 7News Boston

You can't bounce back without LOX Harvard University Gazette

New risk factors for retinal disorder identified Innovations Report

Snoring Solution 7News Boston

Scientists shed light on genetic eye abnormality that makes eyes slow to adjust to brightnessHarvard University Gazette

Dazzling Results from a Gene Flaw BBC News