The Center for Human Hearing

The Center for Human Hearing is the centerpiece of our otolaryngology research program and a top funding priority in our Campaign. Our goal is to raise support for the research programs that fuel this Center and its supporting biomedical cores and to recruit top talent to complement an already world-class team.

The Center for Human Hearing will add depth and capacity to our research programs. The research coverage will comprehensive, from Hearing Mechanisms and Diagnostics to Hearing Loss and Prevention to Hearing Restoration. In short, we want to thoroughly understand how the ear processes sound and how the brain interprets these signals; how and why things go awry and what can be done to improve early detection and prevention; and, ultimately, what can be done to restore hearing once damage has occurred.

Our plan is to establish endowed chairs in each of our three program areas, and actively recruit new senior faculty members with expertise in developmental biology, stem cell biology or bioengineering. Campaign funds are also needed to endow otolaryngology fellowships and to recruit skilled technicians to assist with our core facilities.

A great example of philanthropic partnerships is the newly established Lauer Tinnitus Research Center within the Center for Human Hearing. Created in partnership with the Lauer family, this new Center will advance research to help solve the serious problem of tinnitus-a continuous and, often times, debilitating ear condition.

Resources from the “Bold Science, Life-Changing Cures” campaign will make the Center for Human Hearing unmatched in size, capacity, and most importantly, its potential to deliver a world of sound to the deaf and hearing impaired.