Core Facilities

Core facilities are the technological engines that drive our research programs, and the “Bold Science, Life-Changing Cures” campaign provides funding opportunities to strengthen five important ophthalmology cores: the Biobank, the Genomics Core, the Viral Vector Core, and the Stem Cell Core.

Led by Janey Wiggs, M.D., Ph.D, the Biobank is a network of repositories for biological samples that can be used for both research and clinical care purposes. Upon analysis, these samples generate genomic profiles that can then be combined with the patient's medical history to identify new treatment opportunities. Biobank data will feed the Ocular Genomics Institute (OGI), helping our researchers implicate disease causing genes, develop genetic tests for risk factor and predictive responses to therapy and target new pathways for drug development. The Genomics Core and Viral Vector Core support the OGI by using the very latest biomedical technologies to analyze genes and identify viral vectors suitable for gene therapy delivery.

The Stem Cell Core provides technical services to the Ocular Regenerative Medicine Institute, which is developing cures for blindness by using stem cells to replace lost or damaged cells.

When you give to support our core facilities, or the faculty who lead them, you are adding horsepower to the powerful engines of our research program.