Campaign Founding Partners

Gifts of $7 Million

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Gifts of $5 Million

The Grousbeck Family
Helene and Tom Lauer
Frederick and Ines E. Yeatts

Gifts of $3.5 Million

Claire and John Bertucci

Gifts of $3 Million


Gifts of $2.5 Million

Carmella Kletjian and the Steven C. and Carmella R. Kletjian Foundation
Research to Prevent Blindness

Gifts of $2 Million

Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund
Diana and Douglas Berthiaume
Frans Van de Velde, MD, PhD
Monte J. Wallace and Anne H. Wallace

Gifts of $1.5 Million

Bertarelli Foundation
Charles and Nathalie de Gunzburg
David H. Koch
Lynch Foundation
Massachusetts Lyons Eye Research Fund
The Shulsky Foundation

Gifts of $1 Million

Samuel and Nancy Jo Altschuler
Deborah and Steven Barnes
BrightFocus Foundation
Lyle Howland and Jack Manning
Diane E. and Albert J. Kaneb
Norman Knight
The Bertram and Althea Lank Family
Suzanne and Terrence Murray
Chris Snook and Susan Stoddart
David Vargo and Sheila Collins